The new corona regulation in RLP

As of today, “2G +” applies to the Corona measures in Rhineland-Palatinate. What does that mean for you – when shopping, doing sports or visiting a restaurant? Everything important here.

The key points of the 26th Corona Control Ordinance, which has been in force since September 12, are quickly listed:

  • A lockdown as a protective mechanism is no longer provided. Instead, as the incidence increases, the number of unvaccinated people with tests will be limited.
  • The incidence of infection as the sole indicator has had its day. Then there are the factors of hospitalization incidence and intensive care bed occupancy.

Hardly any restrictions for those who have been vaccinated or recovered

But what does that mean for you now? First things first: If you have been double vaccinated, if you have recovered from Corona, or if you have not yet reached the age of eleven, you are considered immune. With it you can do almost everything and have hardly any restrictions in daily life. And that now applies to a large majority of the people in Rhineland-Palatinate.

It looks different if you do not meet these criteria. Although you can still use almost everything – from the cinema to the hairdresser – you have to observe certain maximum limits. They are based on the three warning levels described above. In addition, compulsory testing continues to apply in many areas.

Mask requirement

There are no innovations. In the open air there is basically no mask requirement, unless there is a crowd or queues. The mask must also be worn at bus stops and in outdoor restaurants on the way to the table or to the toilet. Furthermore, the mask requirement applies in indoor areas and in public transport. Medical masks must be worn there – so-called surgical masks or masks of the KN95 / N95 or FFP2 standards.

Private meetings with other people

There is no longer an upper limit for immunized people. For all others, the number of people who can meet depends on the warning levels.


Nothing has changed. You must still wear a medical mask in stores. There is no compulsory test. However, the number of customers in the shops is further restricted: One person per 5 square meters of sales area is permitted


In indoor areas, non-immunized people – regardless of the warning levels – are always obliged to test. If no more than 25 non-immunized persons are present at the same time in a catering establishment (and otherwise only convalescent or vaccinated or equivalent persons), the distance requirement and the mask requirement do not apply, but the other protective measures (i.e. in particular the test requirement) remain in place. At warning level 2, this number of non-immunized persons is reduced to 10 people, at warning level 3 to 5 people.


A distinction is only made between indoor and outdoor events. The permissible number of non-immunized people in the audience is determined for both areas, which is determined depending on the warning level applicable at the venue. Beyond this group of people, however, any number of vaccinated or recovered people or people on an equal footing can take part in all events. The total number of people is capped at 25,000 only for outdoor events without fixed seats.

The distance rules, the mask requirement and the obligation to record contacts remain unchanged. There are no longer any separate regulations for discos and clubs.


The same rules apply inside and outside during training and competition: A maximum of 25 non-immunized people are allowed. With warning level 2 this number of people is reduced to 10 people, with warning level 3 to 5 people. In the indoor report, the test is mandatory for those who are not immunized. The same rules apply to swimming pools.


In the future, the mask requirement at schools will also be controlled via the corona warning light: Warning level 1: mask requirement in the building, but not in the square and in the open air. Warning level 2: Mask requirement in secondary schools also on the field, i.e. during lessons in the classroom. Warning level 3: Even the little ones in primary school have to wear a mask in class



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