The Municipality of Burgas apologized with helplessness in the case of Rosenets – Bulgaria

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Eng. Chanka Koralska, Deputy Mayor of Burgas for Construction. On the left are Daniel Mitov and Zhecho Stankov from GERB.

The municipality of Burgas has not been able to establish whether Ahmed Dogan inhabited the building in Rosenets, or whether a two-storey building there has a building permit. These explanations were given by the Deputy Mayor for Construction, Eng. Chanka Koralska, at the first meeting of the parliamentary commission for establishing facts and circumstances for illegal actions in the Rosenets Forest Park.

We do not have the resources to control, said Koralska. Is it possible to build a quay in the water area, which is an exclusive state property, without a building permit and then turn it into a private one, asked the municipal councilor Dimitar Naidenov from “Democratic Bulgaria”.

– It cannot and should not – answered Koralska, who is also responsible for the illegal construction in the municipality of Burgas. However, this happened and the conclusion is that no one dared to go to Rosenets to establish the violations, summarized the chairman of the commission Kaloyan Yankov from Democratic Bulgaria.

Ramadan Atalay of the MRF from the beginning to the end of the three-hour session claimed it was “another pointless commission”. His colleague Hamid Hamid complained that he was not prepared to ask questions to the representatives of the municipality of Burgas, summoned to the meeting, “because the commission did not provide documents”. The same reason was pointed out by Zhecho Stankov and Daniel Mitov from GERB. “Here, Democratic Bulgaria and the MRF are doing PR, and what are we doing?” Mitov asked rhetorically.

The questions to the management of the municipality of Burgas (without the mayor Dimitar Nikolov) were mainly addressed by Dimitar Naidenov. Did the municipalities ask the property owners to pay their local taxes, as well as compensation for blocking the municipal street to the beach with a barrier for six years. The answer was that they could not say yet, but they would prepare for the next meeting.

Hamid made a procedural proposal to ask questions to other members of the commission, not just Naidenov. “Let’s end the meeting to prepare with documents,” Atalay suggested. Zhecho Stankov from GERB pointed out the same reason – how to ask questions without documents. Daniel Mitov, who also did not know the details of the Rosenets case, joined the crowd and would ask questions only after getting acquainted with them. He rebuked commission chairman Yankov for not being neutral in his position.

Yankov, in turn, asked the deputy mayor of Burgas Koralska how everyone in the country knows that Dogan lives in the residence in “Rosenets”, photos and video were published, only the municipality has not established this.

“How to prove that he lives in the property? If it is a hotel or an enterprise, it is easy – according to the registrations, but there is no way to prove it in a personal property. The owner may have come in to look after it and not live in it,” explained Eng. .Coral. Dogan’s residence is a sports water base, not a private house to live in, a municipal councilor corrected. We have no powers, she insisted.

The chairman of the commission announced that he would send a letter with a request to various state institutions to provide documentation to clarify whether there are illegal actions of the competent authorities in Rosenets Park. Before the next meeting, they will be made available to all members of the committee. It is attended by two deputies from all six parliamentary groups.


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