The Milky Way Galaxy or the ‘Black Hole’ Gamarna has successfully captured

SABACIREBON – Scientists have long known that the center of galaxy Milky Way is black hole (Black Hole) whose gravity is very strong. So that it can bind the gas dust of stars and planets all over galaxy in a loose orbit. That black hole is Sagittarius Astrid.

Recently, astronomers managed to capture images through the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) based in several places on earth. This picture shows, light can be bent around black hole.

Sagittarius Astrid, at first very difficult to see because light can not escape its strong gravitational pull. Then the only way to find it is to see the silhouette of the ring of light that is blurred and curved.

As quoted from Youtube @NationalGeographicIndonesia, this halo-like light comes from superheated and glowing material swirling around the mouth. black hole. This superheated material is very fast moving around the mouth black hole it was even closer to the speed of light.

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This light was slowly torn and swallowed falling on top black hole. This event is known as the Event Horizone which then makes the plasma disappear forever.

The Black Hole looks like a doughnut and resembles the hole of M87 Astri which was discovered in 2019. Actually, Sagittarius Astri is very different in that the larger 1600 M87 Astri is also surrounded by a much larger and denser vortex of hot gas. Whereas Sagittarius Astri has less gas, and it only takes a few minutes for the gas to circle around black hole.

Unlike M8 Astri which takes days, its mass is 4 million times that of our sun and an estimated width of 60 million Kilometers.

The gas around Sagittarius spins faster in black hole and just bite it slowly. The black hole is reduced to the size of a human and it will eat the equivalent of one grain of rice every one million years.

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