the mayor of Bron and the police threatened with death after an anti-narcotics operation

These death threats were made the day after a major drug seizure.

The police discovered this Saturday, in Bron, in the Rhône, death threats drawn in chalk against the police and the mayor of the town, Jérémie Bréaud. “This is a declaration of war. We are going to kill you all,” one could read, according to a photo shared by the mayor on social networks.

This incident comes as the day before, the municipal police made a large seizure of narcotics. According to Progress, the police have in fact discovered 500 grams of cannabis resin as well as 250 grams of herb packaged for sale in the common areas of a building.

“Following a major joint intervention of the Municipal Police / National Police in Bron which enabled us in particular to seize large quantities of narcotics, death threats have appeared. We take them very seriously but also as a sign that our work of reconquest We will not let go because when we attack the Police or the Mayor, we attack the Republic, “responded Jérémie Bréaud in a message posted on Facebook.

The Republican Jérémie Bréaud, elected in the last municipal elections, has made security the main axis of his policy. Lately, tensions had erupted between him and the wedding guests, who arrived half an hour late at the town hall, in a concert of horns without respecting the highway code.

Cyrielle Cabot BFMTV reporter

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