The man who beat his girlfriend in the middle of the street was released!

On Manas Boulevard, between HK and his girlfriend HK, allegedly jealousy broke out on June 26 in the evening.

Upon prolonging the debate, HK battered his girlfriend with a fist and slap. Although the battered girl tried to prevent her by holding her boyfriend by the arms, she was not successful.

Those moments were viewed on a mobile phone by a person around and shared on social media. While many people reacted to the images, the person who battered the girl was asked to be found and punished.



Based on the images, the police determined that the person who hit the girl was HK. The police, who acted upon this, captured and detained HK here, who was found to go to Menemen district.

In his first statement at the police, HK confessed his crime and said he had beaten his girlfriend in the debate caused by jealousy. The suspect, who was transferred to the courthouse after his operations at the police, was released after his statement at the prosecutor’s office. DHA

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