The Latvian director’s film enters “Netflix”. We are proud!

“It will soon be a week where my second (and still last) feature film ‘Jelgava ’94’ can be seen on Netflix. Yes, Netflix!” writes the film’s director Jānis Ābele on Facebook with undisguised excitement.

“This is the circle of life. From the deepest underground you awaken to the great commercial world. But why not. […]

Please don’t ask me which countries/regions. I do not use this platform and will not launch it. However, this is a great moment when a Latvian movie comes (or maybe it’s also the first Latvian movie on Netflix? OK, I don’t know anymore)… the director.

“Jelgava 94” is a 2019 Latvian feature film. The director of the film is Jānis Ābele, based on the novel of the same name by Jānis Jonevas. The premiere of the film took place on September 17, 2019 at the Jelgava House of Culture.

The film was nominated for 9 Great Kristaps Awards, of which it won four: Best Director (Jānis Ābele), Best Supporting Actress (Ieva Puķe), Best Costume Designer (Aija Strazdiņa) and Best Makeup Artist (Maija Gundare).

Movie description:

Fourteen-year-old Jānis, a Jelgava boy with bison-level academic results, tries not to get noticed by anyone. However, falling in love with a classmate Kristine and accidentally acquired friends – Death and Zombie – starts a new page in the life of a Jelgava teenager: you have to play in a band, listen to metal, you need the right clothes and you have to do mourn your teachers.

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