The largest explosion detected since the Big Bang


Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 5:48 pm – Scientists have detected the most violent cosmic event to date. It would be the biggest explosion since the Big Bang! Explanations.


A gigantic explosion has been detected in the heart of a galaxy far away. It is in a cluster of galaxies called Ophiuchus, located 390 million light years away from us. A galactic grouping represents the largest structure in the universe which is maintained by gravitational force. Thousands of galaxies can be part of it, as well as dark matter and gas.

A supermassive black hole is believed to be the source of this explosion. It is one of the most massive known to date. If these mysterious cosmic objects exert extreme gravity to attract matter to them, they can also expel it into space. These events are incredibly violent. It is precisely by going back to the source of these jets that scientists have come to determine the source of this massive explosion.

Thanks to NASA’s Chandra Observatory, data from the Murchison Widefiled Array in Australia and a radio telescope in India, data collected by the researchers helped to detect the rash. The intensity of the event would be five times higher in energy compared to the last explosion of its kind previously detected.

Source: NASA

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