The land of children, the post-apocalyptic who speaks Italian – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 29 – Nobody would bet on an Italian post-apocalyptic film, but Claudio Cupellini’s THE LAND OF CHILDREN (Alaska, Gomorrah, the TV series) is surprising. And this for many reasons. In preview out of competition at the 67th edition of the Taormina Film Fest and from 1 July in theaters with 01, the film has not only a good direction, but also an excellent story, taken from one of the most important Gipi comics. The same goes for the cast, from the debut Roman rapper Leon de La Vallèe to Paolo Pierobon, from Maria Roveran to Valeria Golino, in the role of Strega, up to Valerio Mastandrea in that of the Executioner.

This is the story. A father (Pierobon) and his son (La Vallèe) aged fourteen are among the few survivors in a totally gray world and live in a sort of stilt house on a lagoon. Reasons for the tragedy? Unknown, we speak of poisons. We only understand that it is not really the ‘land of children’ of the title, as in this post-tragedy world you do not see children, not even boys and those few survivors do not know anything about how people lived before. In this sick world, the father entrusts his thoughts to a notebook, but those words for the son are indecipherable signs: he cannot read. On the death of his father, the boy decides to embark on a journey in search of someone who can reveal the meaning of those pages. In this boy who seems to be without any emotion, however, there is the desire to discover his father’s true feelings and also to know more about a past he does not know. In the cast also Fabrizio Ferracane, Maurizio Donadoni and Franco Ravera. (HANDLE).


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