The Italian wins the trial, claiming that the drug turned him into a gambler


Pfizer’s drug makes a man gamble

The drug, which the elderly Italian had been taking for five years, allegedly made him hypersexual and made him addicted to gambling.

The Milan Court of Appeal ordered Pfizer Italia to pay half a million euros for the side effects of Cabaser, a drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, which caused ludopathy (addiction to card games and roulette) in the 60-year-old Italian. This was reported by the agency ANSA.

It is noted that the trial began in 2015 and a recent court decision upheld the first instance verdict.

During the consideration of the case, it was proved that the man suffered from the side effects of the drug, which he took from 2001 to 2006. In the description of the drug, the corresponding warnings appeared only in 2007.

The agency clarified that five years of taking Cabaser “turned the man’s life upside down”, turning him into an avid gambler. During this time, he used 1802 disposable credit cards to play on the Web, although he had never been interested in such things before.

The new hobby led to the victim losing his job, stealing 100 thousand euros from his company.

As the plaintiff told the judges, the first alarming symptoms appeared a few months after taking the drug – his sexual arousal increased, and then he began to play.

“I thought I was crazy,” the man said.

His lawyer, Renato Ambrosio, explained that the courts upheld the claim after two complex technical consultations with experts. The decision was also influenced by the fact that important information about side effects for a long time was completely absent from the description of the drug.

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