The idea of ​​an automated pet feeder laurels in the ‘LMT IoT hackaton’

From 14 to 16 May, a technology sector event “TechChill“took place for the second time”LMT The IoT hackathon, in which pre-selected technology enthusiasts led by experienced mentors worked on innovative ideas for finding the Internet of Things, the event said.

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This year, the participants of the hackathon were given the opportunity to use the “LMT” Internet of Things management platform, creating various new sensor solutions for today’s business environment and everyday challenges of the population. After three days of active work, the jury recognized the team “Automation is the future!” As winners, who presented the idea of ​​a smartphone-controlled automatic pet feeder.

The idea of ​​the winners is based on an interactive electronic device for busy pet owners, who appreciate the possibility to feed their pets remotely, while also training them. This idea came to the team leader Jānis Miltiņš already before the hackathon, but together with the other team members it has managed to develop it further. Within 48 hours, participants created and tested a prototype of the device, convincing it of its potential in real life, which will become especially relevant when many pet owners no longer work from home on a daily basis.

Second place in the eight-team competition was won by the association of participants “0x10F2C”, who came up with the idea of ​​”SmartGarden +” with the aim of creating a unified ecosystem that helps users take care of their garden. The Too Tall To Be True team’s idea of ​​an adaptive traffic monitoring platform was acknowledged as the third most promising expert. Hackathon participants included IT professionals and digitization architects and designers, as well as business and marketing professionals who also developed smart technology solutions such as electric scooter charging stations, the Smart Hiking platform for safe outdoor walking, avoiding crowds. , sensor clothing connected to a training app for precise physical exercise, adaptive traffic light management, and an app that allows stores to open when employees have completed their shifts, providing a convenient 24/7 shopping experience.

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“Latvians have always followed the development of technology and also make their contribution. We are able to create self-propelled cars, machine learning cars and drones that fly autonomously. We know and we like to create, but we do not always know how to turn it into a business. There are mints of ideas that allow them not only to create, but also to harden, with the help of mentors, juries and tests evaluating how to implement future innovations with the help of smart technologies, “says Ernest Stal, a member of the board of TechChill.

The three winning teams will present their ideas on the TechChill 2021 virtual Founders stage in front of an audience of more than 2,000 visitors this week, including investors, media representatives and potential employers. While last year the focus of the hackathon was mainly on sensor solutions, this year the participants developed data-based ideas. In addition, this time the hackathon took place online for the first time, which made the management process of each project particularly challenging.

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