The History of the First Telescope Invented to See the Universe – Telescope is one of the important instruments that helps human beings, to learn more about the formation of the universe. How is history telescope first discovered?

Generally, telescopes are used by scientists and astronomers, to study the sky and the objects in it.

The telescope is one of inventions that changed the world turned out to have been created since more than 600 years ago.

With its presence, telescopes have succeeded in becoming an important part of our science and enabling everyone to see objects that are far away in order to appear up close.

In history telescope inventionthere have been many eminent inventors, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists who have tried to perfect its humble beginnings.

This is nothing but done to make it worthy of being an important tool in a research.

When it comes to telescopes, name Galileo Galilei often referred to as Inventor of the first telescope. However, it turns out that the first telescope was not invented by Galilei, but by a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey.

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As reported by History of TelescopeWednesday (6/4/2022) the history of making telescopes began in 1608 by a group of Dutch eyeglass makers who all made the first telescope models at the same time.

However, the patent for the telescope device went to Lippershey. At that time, his homemade tool was called “viewer” which means tool to see.

He also claims that his telescope can see distant objects, with a magnification of up to three times.

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Lippershey succeeded in developing the first telescope based on the experience in the notebooks of a number of scientists from India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and Arabia.

The first telescope he made consisted of a concave lens as an eyepiece and a convex lens as an objective lens.

Interestingly, the Lippershey telescope was created by accident when a child held two lenses at the same time in his eyeglass shop.

Telescope history as reported by Space, Tuesday (10/26/2021) some experts at the time argued that Lippershey stole the design of the invention of the telescope that was created by another lens maker named Zacharias Jansen. As a result, Lippershey’s patent for the telescope was rejected.

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