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NEW MODEL: Minister of Education Guri Melby (V) will nail down a model for free school choice where the local school principle is scrapped. Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB

The local school principle will now be scrapped, says Minister of Education Guri Melby (V).

– The government wants students to have a greater opportunity to choose which upper secondary school they should start at than many have today, Melby says in a press release on Sunday.

At the same time, it must be possible for the county municipalities to determine their own intake areas.

– This means that county municipalities can no longer have admission according to a local school principle, it is stated in the press release.

Last autumn, the government sent two models for free school choice for consultation – and received a lot of input in return. Based on these, a new model will now be created, which the Directorate of Education has been commissioned to prepare in close dialogue with KS and the county municipalities.

– The Directorate of Education will also look at what consequences a freer school choice will have for, among other things, costs for transportation, need for student housing and school structure, says Melby, who aims to nail the model in the spring. It can apply from the autumn of 2022 at the earliest.

The Directorate of Education is commissioned to create the new model.

Free school choice is debated

In January, researchers determined that freely school choice gave the most segregation in Oslo, major differences in the capital, and the opposition in the Storting has been very critical of an introduction of the scheme elsewhere in the country.

– Most people who use free school choice are privileged parents and students, and these get along. Teachers say that one school is getting browner and browner, another is getting whiter and whiter, said professor and researcher Cecilie Rønning Haugen in 2019 about the report which said that free school choice leads to greater differences.

Both Vestland and Vestfold and Telemark have recently adopted a local school principle, so that the intake is not only based on grades. Other counties that have adopted a form of local school principle are Viken, Agder, Innlandet, Nordland, Trøndelag, Vestland, as well as Troms and Finnmark.

Published: 22.11.20 kl. 20:54

Updated: 22.11.20 kl. 22:40

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