The French authorities demanded to close the mosque because of the massacre of the teacher: Society: World:

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen has demanded the closure of a mosque in a suburb of Paris after a local teacher was beheaded in a local commune. He stated this on the air of the TF1 TV channel, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the mosque will be closed today. Darmanen explained that the reason for this decision was the act of the mosque manager, who published a message that the teacher, who was later killed, should be intimidated.

Earlier, as part of the investigation of the terrorist attack, the imam of this mosque was detained. In total, 15 people were detained, including the relatives of the offender.

The murder took place on the evening of October 16 in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine in the suburbs of Paris. The perpetrator – 18-year-old Chechen Abdulakh Anzorov – watched the teacher Samuel Pati outside the college, killed him and beheaded him. At the same time, photos and videos from the place he posted to the network. Later, the terrorist was shot by police.

It is believed that Anzorov attacked Party after seeing the video on the network. On it, the father of one of the students condemned the teacher for showing the children a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad during the freedom of speech lesson. The video said in which particular educational institution it happened.

By data law enforcement officers, the killer was born in Moscow and at the age of six moved with his family to France, where he received the status of a political refugee. The Russian embassy in France has already stated that the killer had nothing to do with Russia and did not contact the diplomatic mission.


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