The free-to-play battle royale game, PUBG |, continues to be incredibly popular News block

It seems that the creators of the battle royale shooter, Krafton, made a good decision by making PUBG free, the game is incredibly popular among users, and they managed to attract a lot of new players to the program.

A publisher’s financial report according to since January, so it is becoming free After that, roughly 80,000 new players joined the PUBG battlefields every day. Translated into Hungarian, this number means that over 17 million players have registered for the game since it went free.

Of course, more than likely most of them aren’t regular players, many just tried the game once after it went free. According to the report, however, this is not really the point, the focus is more on the fact that the average revenue per user increased by more than 20% this quarter.

The mobile division has no reason to be ashamed either, PUBG Mobile continues to perform well, currently ranking second in global mobile game sales. However, the publisher is not resting on its laurels, in addition to their brand new horror game, The Callisto Protocol, they are preparing a so far unannounced game based on the popular Korean novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

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