The founder of the theater “Shadow” Ilya Epelbaum, who became ill with COVID-19, died :: Society :: RBC

Epelbaum’s death was reported by his friend, writer Lev Rubinstein. He also claimed that Epelbaum was hospitalized due to infection with the coronavirus and was in a very serious condition.

Ilya Epelbaum

(Photo: marta.krasnopolskaya / Facebook)

The founder and artistic director of the theater “Shadow” Ilya Epelbaum has passed away. wrote his friend, poet and writer Lev Rubinstein on Facebook.

“Ilya Epelbaum. Ilyusha. There is no longer him, my friend, interlocutor, co-author, gushing with ideas one more incredible than the other. A terrible grief for all of us – for our relatives, for friends of the Shadow Theater, for me personally, “Rubinstein wrote.

October 15 Rubinstein published an open letter to Epelbaum, from which it was clear that the artistic director of “Shadows” was in the hospital. In a commentary on the post, Rubinstein wrote that Epelmaum had contracted the coronavirus and was in a very serious condition.

“But this afternoon they said that“ the dynamics are positive ”. So let’s hope. And I decided to write such a message in order to slightly extinguish the gloom, ”wrote the writer.

Died writer Alexey Mikheev

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Alexey Mikheev



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