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Retarus shows what companies need to pay attention to when protecting their communication infrastructure.

While communication via email or other channels is an integral part of daily business life, most companies are unaware of the financial and image impact of a communication infrastructure failure. It is all the more important that business-critical communication processes are comprehensively protected. In this context, enterprise cloud service provider Retarus explains what companies need to pay attention to when protecting their communication infrastructure:

1. Maintain business continuity in case of email failure

If important components in the IT infrastructure fail, this can quickly cause damage in the millions. Therefore, every business should have a failover solution that enables seamless communication even in emergency situations. A cloud-based email continuity solution with provisioned mailboxes that works independently of your primary email system ensures that communication continues uninterrupted even in the event of a disaster. This allows employees to send and receive emails without interruption, even in the event of an emergency.

2. Repel cyber attacks from specific countries

Especially in the current political situation, it can be useful to proactively isolate all messages originating from specific regions or countries regardless of content, both for pure security reasons and for internal compliance requirements. A service like Retarus Predelivery Logic allows IT managers to analyze and, if necessary, block all email traffic based on self-defined rules before it reaches the corporate infrastructure. For example, you can process emails based on country of origin (GeoIP). Depending on the configuration, messages can be isolated in the user quarantine. In addition to geographical origin, it is also possible to automatically process emails based on their language.

3. Unburden the IT department

Not least due to the prevailing shortage of skilled workers, IT departments are heavily overloaded. Outdated infrastructure and technologies add to the problem. Due to lack of digitization and automation, IT specialists lose valuable time troubleshooting, so in the end there are almost no resources available for value-added activities. This also applies to the reliable exchange of commercial messages. A modern, flexibly scalable cloud messaging platform can significantly offload IT from routine tasks and help employees be more agile. As a result, they can once again focus more on introducing innovative business-supporting solutions for their company.

4. Successfully integrate suppliers

Numerous suppliers and different types of suppliers are involved in supply chain processes. As a result, companies are faced with large volumes of incoming and outgoing documents such as orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications and invoices. These are processed differently in every company and until now often had to be organized manually, converted into a specific format and made available via the ERP system. Considering the time and cost of this process, it makes sense to integrate all vendors, regardless of size and type, into a single cloud platform. Ideally, this converts unstructured data into structured information before it is automatically sent to the ERP system in the required format. By automating business document processing, companies benefit from smoother cash flow and cost savings of approximately 60% compared to manual processes.

5. Send transactional emails reliably

Sending information to a large number of recipients quickly and reliably at the same time is a challenge for many companies. This is especially challenging when sending high-volume marketing emails, newsletters, or password changes, which can quickly push your email infrastructure to its limits. Also, messages reach the recipient’s mailbox only if the sender is classified as trusted. Modern email APIs allow you to send tens of millions of emails per hour directly from business applications, without taxing your email infrastructure. In addition to continuous monitoring and optimization of data traffic, comprehensive reputation management ensures that as many messages as possible reach recipients’ mailboxes reliably. Certification by the Certified Sender Alliance (CSA) also ensures that IP addresses used for sending email are whitelisted by major email providers. Businesses benefit from the higher delivery rates.

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