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Rubén Oscar Mühlberger, known as the “famous doctor”, managed to stop the criminal proceedings against him and, following an agreement between the defense and the prosecutor, he must donate 3 million pesos to public welfare entities after having been denounced for attending a clinic in Buenos Aires without authorization and for the sale of a drug against coronavirus.

The agreement was formalized in a hearing held on Wednesday morning, in which the suspension of the trial process was approved for a term of 2 years and 6 months. During this period, as reported, the accused must, at the request of the prosecutor who investigated the case, María Valeria Massaglia, of the PCyF 11 Prosecutor’s Office, give money to various public welfare entities, including the Garrahan Hospital, in addition to a series of behavior guidelines.

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The hearing was chaired by Judge Rocío López Di Muro, head of Court No. 4, who approved the agreement reached between the defense and the prosecution. In it, it was established that Mühlberger must make the donation in 3 equal and consecutive installments from October to December, with half of the amount going to the Garrahan Pediatric Hospital, and the rest to other public health entities.

In addition, it was established that the objects and instruments that were seized in different raids carried out in the clinic that the «famous doctor» had on 1300 Arenales Street, in Barrio Norte, and in the commercial premises called EMI BIO, which are are in condition to be used, they will also be donated to the Garrahan Hospital to meet expenses due to the pandemic.

Diego Armando Maradona, Rubén Mühlberger and Charly García.

The same destination has the cash seized on such occasions, which amounts to the sum of 11,570 dollars and 13,100 pesos. In addition, sources confirmed that the clinic will continue to be closed by order of the Prosecutor’s office and that the investigation continues with respect to other facts that do not make up the aforementioned evidence.

At the time, the prosecutor Massaglia ordered the arrest in a case initiated by complaints from patients, and after an inspection for numerous irregularities and misconduct in the clinic. Subsequently, the investigation determined that the establishment did not have the corresponding authorization to operate.

The investigation into the «famous doctor»

The investigation into Mühlberger began in May 2020, when members of the Crimes Against Health division and staff of the Ministry of Health They carried out a raid on his health center after several residents of the building made the complaint, since being an aesthetic clinic it was not authorized to operate in full quarantine.

The doctor was under house arrest in his Recoleta department until in June 2020 his freedom was ordered with the obligation to appear in court every Monday every 15 days and the prohibition to leave the City of Buenos Aires without express authorization.

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Mühlberger became famous in the media offering the so-called “orthomolecular” medicine from which he came to attend various very popular figures such as Diego Maradona, Moria Casán, Charly García and Susana Giménez, among others.

In his public appearances, he used to define himself as a specialist in aesthetics, in addition to considering himself an expert in genomic, biocellular and biomolecular therapies. Throughout his career he also published several books, the last of them in 2018, called «SOS Sex».

The “famous doctor” reached a legal agreement and must donate 3 million pesos.



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