The ex-player of “Khimki” told how Mirzov was hiding from the holy water with a curtain


07 Feb, 17:01

The ex-player of “Khimki” told how Mirzov was hiding from the holy water with a curtain

Ilya Kukharchuk spoke about a funny incident that happened last year, when, after a series of defeats, a club near Moscow invited a priest to the base

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Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

Former Khimki midfielder Ilya Kukharchuk told in an interview with Match TV, how he reacted to the club’s last year’s initiative to invite a priest after a series of defeats.

“We are lying on the procedures with Mirzov, the priest comes in, sprinkles everything around with holy water. I was okay, but Reziuan felt uneasy, tried to hide behind a curtain, did not expect it at all. Holy water still hit him. I say to the priest: “Could you stop the process? There is a follower of another religion here.” But by that time, the priest had already managed to bless the room and left,” said Kukharchuk.

“Khimki” responded to Sobchak’s post with a phrase about the rejection of “shamanic practices”

According to the player, he sees nothing wrong with this initiative. “I always consecrated an apartment, a car. Football base? Why not? How it was presented in the public sphere is another question, but it is a charitable deed,” Kukharchuk said.

Khimki invited a priest to the base and home stadium in October last year, after the club’s unbeaten streak in all tournaments reached 14 matches.

Kukharchuk moved to Torpedo in the winter transfer window. After 17 rounds, Khimki will take 15th place in the standings with 12 points.

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