The entire Dutch government moves away from the most important debate of the year after far-right MP Baudet


The entire Dutch government left the House of Representatives when far-right politician Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy lashed out at Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag in a speech. The most important debate of the parliamentary year has therefore been updated.

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Yesterday at 21:33

Baudet said Kaag had studied at an Oxford University college known as a spy school. St. Anthony’s College in Oxford, according to the Forum leader, was “little more than, in fact, a training institute for Western intelligence.” After Kaag’s indignation, the Speaker of the Chamber Vera Bergkamp intervened. When Baudet continued to talk about Oxford, Kaag and the rest of the government resigned.

It is unprecedented for the entire government to walk away during a speech by a group leader. During the debate, the budget for next year is discussed.

After a suspension, only Prime Minister Mark Rutte has returned. He called Baudet’s accusations against Kaag “unacceptable”. The president then asked Baudet to take up his words. He said he wasn’t going to do it.

Bergkamp therefore decided to discontinue it. A large majority supported the president’s decision. However, there has been criticism of the government’s departure.

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