The electric sports car from Bulgaria is partly powered by air. It goes over 584 km/h!

The Bulgarian company Alieno presented a very credible sounding electric hypersport. In the most expensive version, it is supposed to offer partial air propulsion. It goes over 584 km/h and costs over 100 million.

Does the Bulgarian car manufacturer Alieno tell you something? We last wrote about her in 2018, when she showed off her first Arcanum model with hard-to-believe parameters. Founded only in 2015, the company, according to its own words, specializes in the design, development and construction of all-electric hypercars with futuristic design, racing capabilities, robotic systems, active aerodynamics, artificial intelligence and phenomenal power. And now it presents its second model – Unum.

Alieno (an Italian word meaning alien) – again according to its own words – is based on brutal technical superiority and is based on its own patented technologies. Ahmed Merchev, the company’s all-in-one founder, CEO and CTO, is said to have the passion, vision and knowledge to build the “hypercars of the future.” But words about technical superiority and the future are one thing, however, be sure to look in the gallery at the brand’s factory.

The first Arcanum model looked like a Lamborghini Huracán from an ambitious tuner. Depending on the specification, an output of 3,893 kW (5,293 hp) and a maximum speed of over 488 km/h were promised. Already in 2018, the Bulgarian company talked about starting sales, while the price of the cheapest version was almost 20 million crowns and the most expensive 39 million crowns. The delivery time was estimated at 18 to 30 months depending on the specific requirements of the customer. And we kind of doubt that any car was created at all. Meanwhile, at the end of last year, the company managed to at least inform about the creation of its own cryptocurrency…

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