The drug is also trafficked in books, flowers or chocolates sent by courier

The grocer enter to laboratory silent. In his hands he carries a box. Two policemen escort him. As soon as they reach a laminate table, they open the package and the place fills with a thinner-like smell. “It seems that it is; that’s how the cocaine”Says a agent. In the bag there is cream, shampoo, a carbon sheath and a stick of chocolate.

Is Thursday. That day, this Diary entered the drug lab of Pichincha, a small room, surrounded by chemical reagents, test tubes, sample plates, balance and a computer.

Any suspicious product arrives there that is confiscated in the postal agencies or couriers from the province.

The content is analyzed and if it gives positive for some kind of narcotic they weigh it and it is stored in a place that is guarded by a agent and watched by cameras. Access is restricted.

José Sánchez, the expert of the Police, begins your homework. He puts on gloves and takes small samples from the chocolate, of shampoo and the rest of the products found.

Puts them on plates and in test tubesThe. Place chemical reagent in each sample and automatically reveal a whitish color. “It is positive for alkaloid, the way it is mixed in the products ”, says the researcher. Weighs 3,2 kilos. Criminalistics will say if it is cocaine, heroin The freebase.

Police experts carry out tests to determine what drug was found. Photo: Diego Pallero

The package it was confiscated in a post agency, at south of Quito. I was destined Spain.

Agent Freddy Calero acted in this seizure. A month earlier, he also apprehended a car part at a dealership. courier, in the north of Quito. The piece was destined Norway.

Inside it were camouflaged 11,790 doses of cocaine. Calero recalls that to extract the narcotic he had to use a machine called a mototrozadora, whose saw allows cutting metals.

The uniformed people who participate in these incursions know that criminal organizations that try to circumvent the security of the post office or couriers hide the drug mainly in books, flowers, handicrafts, vehicle parts, sweets, rolls of thread, suitcases, shampoo and creams. .

Made with Flourish

It is also common to hide the illegal product in stamps, picture frames, toys, flores, Tuna cans, preserves, in sacks of flour, café, in bananas and fruits. They even ship impregnated in sheets and folders.

Every week, even the offices of Anti-narcotics of Pichincha up to three contaminated packages arrive. In all cases, the expert performs the test with the chemical reagent. The same procedure is replicated in the anti-drug headquarters of each province.

From 2015 to March 17, nationwide, agents discovered 7.8 tons of alkaloids in shipping companies to exterior.

Frequent destinations are Italy, Spain, UK, U.S, Austria, Norway Y Australia.

On March 4, Oswaldo villegas and three more anti-drug agents seized sweets reported in a postal agency, in the north of the capital. Inside the wrappers they found 192 grams of cocaine. The order was going to Italy.

The policemen carry out a study on samples obtained from confiscated products.  Photo: Diego Pallero

The policemen carry out a study on samples obtained from confiscated products. Photo: Diego Pallero

Since 2015, 2,300 interventions have been carried out in public and private agencies.

Ecuado Post Officer says there is cooperation with Anti-narcotics to inspect the correspondences.

To run the operations, the staff receives training every four months.

What they learn is done in the laboratory. Janeth navarrete is an agent who works there. On March 3, with his pocketknife, he opened five suitcases and found drugs that were going to UK.



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