The director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games has been fired – Tokyo 2020 –

According to the British public broadcaster BBC, the reason for the dismissal was a video made in the 1990s, in which the then comedian Kobayashi is seen joking about the Holocaust. After his dismissal, the director himself has issued a statement emphasizing that jokes should not evoke negative emotions in people. “I understand I was wrong. I regret it,” Kobayashi admitted.

Just a few days earlier, the composer had been forced to leave the ceremony preparation team because it turned out that he had made fun of his classmates with disabilities during his school years. In March, creative director Hiroshi Sasaki resigned, joking that actress and comedian Naomi Vatanabe, known for her obsession, could perform as Olympig.

Finally, in February, the chairman of the organizing committee, Josiro Mori, lost his post, saying that the women were talking too much and that the meetings were being delayed because of them.

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