The delivery of U.S.-aided Ukrainian M1A2 tanks to Taiwan may change

The 108 M1A2 tanks purchased by Taiwan from the United States were originally expected to be delivered successively next year, but the United States will assist Ukraine with 31 tanks of the same model. Since Taiwan and Poland are still queuing up in the production line, due to limited production capacity, it is also rumored Delivery to Taiwan may be delayed, and experts revealed that if the US contract states that the delivery is delayed due to the demand of the US government, most of the time it will not be compensated.

Figure / TVBS

Known as the strongest chariot on the surface, the fastest speed can reach 66.8 kilometers per hour. The American M1A2 chariot purchased by Taiwan is equipped with the first batch of chariots that were originally scheduled to be installed next year at the earliest. 108 chariots will be delivered in three years, and there will be some , 28 seed instructors went to the United States to receive standard technical orders, but because the United States will assist Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams main battle tanks, which are the same model as the M1A2 sold to Taiwan, the production capacity is limited, and there are still orders from Poland in the queue , I am afraid that there will be crowding out and delayed delivery.

Su Ziyun, a military expert: “The chariot factory can produce 12 new chariots every month, so even if you jump the queue, the delay may be about two months.”

The American M1A2 tank, regarded as the “King of Land Warfare”, is equipped with the “Inter-Vehicle Information Interconnection System (IVIS)”, which can receive or distribute battlefield information in real time. The 120mm tank gun is better than the existing 105mm gun in the national army. , the engagement distance is longer, and the dynamic target hit rate is higher. The M1A2T purchased by Taiwan is also customized with a digital interior and a remote control gun turret, which is expected to greatly increase Taiwan’s combat power. There is also no way to seek compensation.

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Military expert Su Ziyun: “(Taiwan) may be affected for only a few months, and it may be difficult to obtain compensation. If it is the demand of the US government, the delay in delivery may not be able to claim compensation.”

Figure / TVBS

Figure / TVBS

When the cross-strait situation is tense, US Director of National Intelligence Haynes also warned in a speech at the University of Texas that if the goal of peaceful reunification cannot be achieved, Beijing has also made military preparations for it.

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (Avril Haines) 112.1.26: “Beijing still wants to give priority to peaceful means rather than the use of force to unify Taiwan, but if (peaceful) means cannot be achieved, Beijing has also made military preparations.”

Liu Dehai, honorary professor of the Department of Politics and Diplomacy: “(Beijing) was replaced by Wang Huning and (director of the Taiwan Affairs Office) Song Tao. Confrontation of a big country to (discuss how to obtain) benefits.”

Figure / TVBS

Figure / TVBS

The U.S., China and Taiwan are wrestling, and the Russia-Ukraine war has become a lesson for the past.

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