The date and method of watching the series, and we have shown the date of episode 28 in full.. The surprise of Hassan and Nadia’s return

There have become many fans of Egyptian drama who are searching a lot for the series, and between us, the date of episode 27, because they have been following it since the show of the first episode, as the series, between us, the date of many developments in the past episodes, and this makes the audience more eager for more events, and between us, the date of a dramatic work that exceeded all limits of description. And the expectation is that it achieved great success in a very short time. A group of the brightest Egyptian drama stars participate in the series, who have many diverse works that achieved great success and won the admiration of the old and the young.

Where the makers of the series “Bina Miad” were able to present a more than wonderful performance, and the series is among the best and most important series that are shown during this period. She made every effort to protect them from society and people. Today, we publish for our website followers all exclusive showtimes of the series, and we show you the date of episode 27 and the broadcasting channels.

Serial events and a date between us

And between a date that achieved great success, and this made it top the first and popular searches on Google on a daily basis from the beginning of its presentation, the story of the series revolves around a social framework around Hassan’s family and his four children, whose wife died at the birth of the youngest son due to a medical error, and Nadia’s family whose husband died, but Leaving her 4 daughters in different ages, Hassan married Nadia after many conflicts due to the children’s lack of consent.

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Yesterday’s episode 26, the developments of the events of the series, due to Nadia’s disagreement with Hassan because of her daughter Laila, who is in a relationship with a notorious young man. Murad tells his father, Hassan, that he saw the night in the car of a strange young man. She asks for a divorce because she does not accept any insult to her daughter.

The date and the casual channels are a series and we have a date

  • All of you enjoy watching the series We Have a Date, starring Sabri Fawaz and Sherine Reda, and directed by Hany Kamal, on the DMC channel, from Sunday to Thursday.

  • The series, and between us a date, will be broadcast at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, Egyptian time, and nine o’clock in the evening, Saudi time.

  • The series will also be shown on the DMC Drama channel at eleven in the evening.

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