The Dangers of Misusing Deanxit in Lebanon: A Study on the Chaotic Use of Medicine in Society

Two people do not disagree that the use of medicine in the Lebanese society is governed by chaos from a health point of view, as resorting to “self-medication”, or obtaining instructions for use from the “neighbor”, the “experimenter” … or from a website, without standing On the merits of the diagnosed disease or its full symptoms, which causes health disasters for the patient.

The phenomenon is intensified in the field of nerve drugs that treat psychological stress among many who lack a health education, according to a study conducted by the American University of Beirut on a small sample of patients using a drug. He got excited.

Some may ask why the Deanxit medicine?

The answer will come as a shock to many who do not know that this drug is prohibited for use in many countries, while it is being used in Lebanon without any medical prescription.

This study is the first of its kind in Lebanon and the region to describe patterns of use and its use disorder, in the absence of any study from several countries such as America, where the drug is prohibited from being sold or used.

The toxicologist and emergency physician at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, Dr. Tharwat Al-Zahran, explains the details of the study conducted by the center, and explains that “Deanxit contains two substances melitracen and flupentixol, and it is not approved as an antidepressant in many countries, while it is used for this purpose in many countries.” Lebanon As a result, the aim of the study was to reveal the misuse of this drug (use disorder) and to assess the extent to which consumers are aware of it and its side effects.

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Al-Zahran explains that “these two substances work to improve mood, and are included in the composition of the drug that was used initially in Denmark in 1971, but it did not obtain approval for its sale. So did other countries such as Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia and Ireland, in addition to the warning of the US Food and Drug Administration Although it does not obtain approval for its use or sale in several countries, we are surprised that it is still registered in 21 countries, including Cyprus and Lebanon.

And back to the study, which It included about 125 patients using this drug, and they came to the hospital emergency room during the period between October 2019 and October 2020. It was found – according to Al-Zahran – that “2.7 percent of patients were transferred to the hospital emergency room due to an overdose of Deanxit.”

But what did this study reveal?

First result: And 36 percent (out of 125) had a drug misuse or disorder, a deanxit use disorder. But what do we mean by it? What we mean is that when a person stops the medication, they experience symptoms and side effects.

Second result: The majority of people are married women, between the ages of 40 and 65, and half of them are smokers, and some of them suffer from health problems.

Third result: 41.9 percent of people take the drug based on a prescription, while the other section used it after the advice of a relative or friend. In other words: there is a wrong use of the drug.

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Conclusion: E60 percent of people who take Deanxit do not have sufficient education for the reason for using the drug, 54 percent were not sure that they were using the drug appropriately, and 19 percent were happy with the doctors’ explanation about this drug.

Regarding the risks resulting from the use of this drug, Zahran refutes them as follows:

* Feeling overdose

* Addiction to it, and the inability to stop using it

* The person feels some symptoms such as: fatigue, stress… after stopping the medication

* Disorder of the nervous system

* Affects the regularity of the heart’s electricity (if an excessive amount is taken or more than required).

Accordingly, Zahran stresses the importance of not using it indiscriminately, raising awareness of how it is used in accordance with the standards, and preventing it from being stopped in a sudden way. It advises to reconsider its use in Lebanon.

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