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New News[Reporter Zhao Rui]The Chinese Football Association regards the settlement of historical wage arrears and strict entry into the new season as the focus of the work of the third-level professional league in the new season. Yesterday was the deadline for clearing wage arrears, and most clubs in the Chinese Super League are optimistic.

Based on the news from all sources, the situation of the three clubs of Guangzhou City, Dalian, and Shenzhen in the Chinese Super League is not optimistic. Although Songshan Longmen in Henan has arrears, it should not be impossible to solve. As far as the current situation is concerned, the Chinese Football Association does not rule out the possibility of the Chinese Super League downsizing, that is to say, it does not rule out the possibility that there will be only 16 Chinese Super League teams in the 2023 season. Of course, this situation is only a current plan.

Recently, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) announced the 2022 world league rankings. The Chinese Super League ranks 74th in the world with 250.5 points and 9th in Asia, ranking behind the Thai Super League. In the past few seasons, there has been a large number of “salary arrears” behaviors in the Chinese Super League clubs. When the defendant went to FIFA, most of the lawsuits were lost by the clubs, which constituted a huge damage to the brand value and reputation of the Chinese Super League. After continuous and unremitting efforts by the Chinese Football Association and the preparatory team of the Chinese Football Federation, the action to clean up the “payment arrears” of the Chinese Super League has achieved initial results.

Yesterday, Shandong team player and former international footballer Dai Lin stated, “I have never participated in any form of football betting and am willing to accept all forms of investigation.” The cause of the incident was that on the evening of January 30, Dai Lin started a live broadcast on a certain platform, and a woman beside her suddenly asked, “What kind of gambling? Brother Dai, don’t you also gamble?” It became the focus of public opinion.

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In fact, it is not a secret that local players gamble. Many talented players have ruined their careers, lost their fortunes, and even went to jail because of gambling. The State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document last year to seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities such as gambling and match-fixing. Dai Lin’s “rollover” live broadcast, the parties concerned will not turn a deaf ear to it, it is not something that can be cleared up with a statement from him.

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