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PRAGUE The Czech company Zhenhua Data Technology, which described itself as a pioneer in the use of data for hybrid wolves on its off site, collected profiles of about 700 prominent ech. The database includes politicians, diplomats, employees of security institutions, academics and entrepreneurs and their children.


Some institutions have profiles. It was written on Wednesday by the server, according to which the database is a collection of an extensive set of information about flawed factors that escaped from our company. The case invokes the Security Information Service (BIS).

At the moment we are analyzing the obtained data, it would also be useful to comment on their content. If the people who are interested in the Czech Republic to create the data, it would be logical for my name to be among them, said BIS editor Michal Koudelka. According to him, this is proof that the German intelligence services are trying to obtain information in any form. This is a risk that we have been drawing attention to for a long time, Koudelka added.

In the writings are Zeman, Metnar, Zaorlek and Faltnek

According to, the system of the Zhenhua company, which, according to, added photographs and references to profiles on social networks to the names of people, analyzed their contributions, media mentions of them and their relatives.

In the leaked database, you are members of the British Royal Family and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the Czech Republic, together with Koudelka, for example, President Milo Zeman, Minister of Defense Lubomr Metnar (for YES), Minister of Culture and Former Diplomacy Lubomr Zaorlek (SSD) or Deputy Chairman YES Jaroslav Faltnek.

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The dataset was accessed from Zhenhua’s servers through the German whistleblower. Seven hundred names from the database are probably only a hundred pieces of information collected, because so far about a quarter of the 2.4 million records about individual people have been restored. Zhenhua did not answer the questions of the newspaper consortium, which is engaged in the database. She responded to the sound by turning off the site.

Among the monitored in the Czech Republic are a number of current and former deputies and a sentor, such as the chairwoman of the parliamentary defense committee, Jan Ernochov (ODS). The database includes the Minister of Justice Robert Pelikn, former government and analytical department of Prague Castle Radek Augustin, two former officials from the Ministry of the Interior Josef Postrneck, deputy chairman of the Office for the Protection of Competition (OHS) Petr Solsk or director of the section for radian protection of Sttnho for Nuclear Safety (SJB) by Karel Petrov. Premir Andrej Babi (YES) in the data that the experts managed to restore, no.

The monitored institutions include foreign embassies in the Czech Republic, the police academy, the Ministry of Health, and long-term representatives of the Czech Republic at NATO, BUT or the Academy of Sciences. The small company was well known for both SSD and mobile operator O2.


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