The cure rate for Covid-19 patients in Central Sulawesi reaches 90.60 percent – The cure rate for patients exposed to COVID-19 in Central Sulawesi Province (Central Sulawesi) reached 90.60 percent.

Based on data from the Center for Data and Information (Pusdatina) COVID-19 in Central Sulawesi Province, of the total patients who were exposed to COVID-19 as many as 11,303 people, 10,241 patients were declared cured.

“Meanwhile, the total number of COVID-19 patients who died was 299 people or 2.65 percent of the total patients who were exposed to COVID-19,” said the spokesman for Pusdatina COVID-19, Central Sulawesi Province, Moh. Haris Kariming in Palu City, Sunday (4/4) night.

Meanwhile, he continued, the percentage of active COVID-19 cases in Central Sulawesi was 6.75 percent or as many as 763 exposed COVID-19 patients were still undergoing treatment.

“In addition, 342 swab samples are still in the examination process. Hopefully the results of all swab samples will be declared negative for COVID-19,” he hoped.

Haris asked the public to support the supervisory team of district and city health offices in Central Sulawesi who carried out tracing of people who had had contact with positive COVID-19 patients.

In addition, residents must implement health protocols to prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19.

“Prevention is by wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping your distance and away from crowds. These steps are very important to break the chain of spread and transmission of COVID-19 in Central Sulawesi,” he said.

Today 13 COVID-19 patients are declared cured. The 13 people were in a number of areas, including 11 in Buol Regency and two in North Morowali.

Meanwhile 18 people were confirmed positive for COVID-19 today, including five people in Palu City and Buol Regency, two people in Banggai, North Morowali and Parigi Moutong, one person in Donggala and Poso. [ded]



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