“The Crown” annoys members of the royal family! British Royal Family Wants Season 5 Netflix Add-On: “This Isn’t A Documentary”

“The Crown” annoys members of the royal family! British Royal Family Wants Season 5 Netflix Add-On: “This Isn’t A Documentary”

[Articolo ristampato|Testo: Daisy Fufu]Netflix“crown”Season 4 left some members of the British royal family unhappy that the series has many falsehoods for dramatic effects, and the Emmy Award-winning Netflix series recently announced that its fifth season will be available this year. was released, but it seems to have angered the royals again.

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The Crown’s fifth season focuses on Dominic West’s Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana’s wedding, while British actress Imelda Stauton plays the revered and beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

After Elizabeth II’s death, Prince Charles became King Charles III of England, which meant the Crown was about to face a new ruler. According to foreign media “Telegraph UK”, a senior member of the royal family said: “Buckingham Palace hopes Netflix will warn about the series that ‘The Crown’ is a ‘drama’, not a documentary.”

【News】 The Queen of England dies

“La corona” stills.

The report pointed out that an unnamed friend of King Charles said that the fifth season of “The Crown” will be “exploitative”, in addition to pointing out that it consumes the royal family, it also stated that “Netflix has no doubts about harming people. reputation.” It is reported that Charles III has never seen “The Crown”, but Matt Smith, who played the younger version of “Prince Philip”, said the late Queen and Prince Harry saw the show.

“La corona” stills.

The fifth season of “The Crown” features an older version of “Prince Philip” played by Jonathan Pryce, who played the bishop “The High Sparrow” in “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones”, Lesley Manville plays the Princess Margaret and Season 5 will run from the 90s to 2003.

In 2020, British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden suggested that the “Crown” should be marked with a warning sign, indicating that the show is purely fictional. He told the “Daily Mail”:“This is a beautifully crafted work of fiction, so like any TV show, Netflix should have said it was fiction in the beginning.”More concerned that “The Crown” will cause permanent damage to the royal family, particularly the then Crown Prince Charles.


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