the Community passes to phase two and four islands to three

The Ministry of Health announced in the late afternoon on Thursday the phase changes for next week, which were as planned. All the Valencian community goes to phase two, like the provinces of Malaga and Granada. In Catalonia, Central Catalonia, the province of Girona, Alt Penedés and El Garraf pass to zone two.
Madrid and the city of Barcelona remain in phase one, which they accessed last Monday the 25th. It also continues in one Lleida, where a regrowth associated with a slaughterhouse has been detected. Four islands go to phase three: Formentera in the Balearic Islands and La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

As of Monday, 70% of the citizenship will be in phase 2, a little more than 32 million people; 30% of the population will enter phase 1 (about 15 million people) and 45,000 people in phase 3.

Madrid does not pass phase

It does not reach the 170 trackers nor the 600 doctors ordered in health centers

Health rejected the flexibility of phase one that Madrid requested. Salvador Illa explained it this way: “Madrid has not reached the 170 trackers and the health centers do not add up to the 600 doctors that had been requested. We are in favor of progressive evolution. Madrid is evolving very well and is making a very adequate progression, but it is in phase 1. They themselves have not made the request to go to phase 2, something that seems prudent to me, and they will keep the activities allowed in that phase ” .

Regarding the outbreak that took place these days in Ceuta and if there was a possibility that it could go back in phase, Fernando Simón, the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, commented: “In Ceuta there has been an outbreak but it is under control. I spoke with the Health Counselor of Ceuta an hour ago and the early detection mechanism has worked. In principle, if things are still under control, there is no indication for a phase reversal. ”

Regarding the regrowth in Lleida, Salvador Illa was not very explicit: “I am very calm with Lleida and I emphasize the prudence of the Catalan health counselor, who has not asked to pass the phase in that area until the situation is guaranteed.”

The lawsuit against Simon

He does not plan to resign

Asked if he planned to resign due to the lawsuit filed and the requests to that effect by some political parties on the subject of the 8-m protests, Dr. Simón denied it: “Sorry. If it is considered that I should leave him and they decide to put someone else, I will take the order to step aside. But I don’t abandon ship. What I am not going to do is stop doing my job. ” Salvador Illa took the opportunity to praise Dr. Simón: “I would like to underline the character of exemplary public servant that Dr. Simón has demonstrated, it is a pride to have him at the head of the CCAES”.

Salvador Illa also spoke of 8-m: “I think that 8-m did what we had to do with the information we had. In these exercises to predict the past I will not enter. We have made the decisions based on the information available on those days; it’s in the newspaper archives ”.

Contagion in children

They get less infected but you have to be very careful

Dr. Simón also spoke of contagion in children: “Children know that they become less infected, less seriously, and this obviously implies, probably, a lower viral load, less transmission capacity, but this also depends on the number of contacts and the type of contacts they may have. I would not dare to say that they transmit less, but they could generate outbreaks in their relatives or in their older groups. We should be very cautious about managing young children. ”

Minister Illa also called for denouncing uncivil behavior. “Individual responsibility is very important. The virus is still there and we must not lose respect for it. ”

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