“The climate crisis is upon us”!

In the aftermath of Storm Ida on the northeast coast of the United States, time has come to take stock. The damage is significant and the victims, even more numerous than on the Louisiana side.

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” The climate crisis is our door. » These are the words of Joe Biden, the President of the United States, yesterday from the White House. Words spoken after the There are no specific characteristics for … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/b/9/7/b97fffc285_117970_tempete- littoral.jpg “data-url =” https://www.futura-sciences.com/planete/definitions/climatologie-tempete-14551/ “data-more =” Read more “>storm Ida hit the northeast coast of the United States hard on Wednesday.

The torrential rains that hit the region caused flash floods. Authorities report at least 44 people dead in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Scientists unfortunately explain that in the context of Causes and consequences of global warming
According to experts from the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change, Global Warming … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/ midioriginal / e / 3 / b / e3b72826bf_114784_rec chaudement-climatique-illustration.jpg “data-url =” https://www.futura-sciences.com/planete/definitions/changement-climatique-rec chaudement-climatique-13827/ “data- more = “Read more”>global warming, the situation is bound to recur. When’air heats up, it retains more water. Enough to allow storms to strengthen quickly and be accompanied by heavy rains. A recent report from the World Meteorological Organization states that the number of such floods has quintupled over the past 50 years.

In New York, residents are trying to get back to normal life. The metro services yesterday remained extremely limited. Nearly 400 flights have been canceled at Newark Liberty Airport. And some 170,000 people were still deprived ofelectricity.

Flood in New York: Storm Ida smashed the rain record!

After hitting Louisiana hard a few days ago, thehurricane Ida was not done with the United States. Although the storm weakened, it continued to wreak havoc in several other states on the east coast. Torrential rains have hit New York in recent hours.

Article by Nathalie Mayer published on 09/02/2021

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana – and Mississippi a few days ago. Leaving behind, 16 years after the katrina passage, a region once again devastated. And a still provisional human toll – the emergency services are still working to find missing people – of six people who died.

But what the National Weather Service (United States) had expected has arrived. Although weakened, the storm did not stop there. Ida continued on to Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Several tornadoes were recorded. And more generally, strong winds and torrential rains. Schools, airports and roads have been closed all over the region. From trees were uprooted and electricity poles torn down. Thousands of people were evacuated.

New floods in New York

On New York, it is true downpours that fell. Barely a few days after the passage of the storm Henri – on August 21 – which had set a precipitation record: 49 millimeters of rain fell in one hour. He was pulverized. Last night, the Central Park station recorded 80 millimeters of rain in an hour!

The mayor of the city that never sleeps has declared a state of emergency. The governor did the same for New York State.

the National Weather Service launched a series of flash flood emergency alerts. An alert level reserved for “Extremely rare situations when a serious threat to human life and catastrophic damage from a flash flood is happening or will happen soon. “

A new hurricane already in sight?

According to authorities, in New York alone, flooding has left at least seven people dead. Bearing the sad toll of Hurricane Ida has at least fifteen deaths. An assessment unfortunately still provisional.

And while help remains mobilized more than ever to come to the aid of the population, above the ocean, Larry, another storm, is strengthening. According to forecasters, it could intensify as Ida did and pass to the stage ofmajor hurricane by this Saturday.

Below, New Orleans before / after Hurricane Ida.

Ida, one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States

Power cuts. Dike failures. Floods. Collapsed buildings. The meteorologists had announced it. Hurricane Ida severely affected Structure of the globe … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/8/4/f/84ff7edce5_123534_terre-apollo8.jpg “data -url = “https://www.futura-sciences.com/planete/definitions/structure-terre-terre-4725/” data-more = “Read more”>terre in Louisiana a few hours ago.

Article by Nathalie Mayer published on 08/30/2021

16 years ago theouragan Katrina was devastating Louisiana (United States). One of the most powerful in the history of the United States. Damage estimated at more than 100 billion dollars and above all, nearly 2,000 dead. Today, history seems to want to repeat itself. A new devastating hurricane made landfall in the area a few hours ago. Her name: Ida.

The hurricane was classified as Category 4 on theSaffir-Simpson scale. A hurricane intensity scale which essentially reflects the speed having a direction and an intensity is represented by a vector, the speed vector. Relative speed is the speed of one body relative to another or relative to a benchmark. “Data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/3/1/ 9 / 319daf63f4_77541_leibniz-dp.jpg “data-url =” https://www.futura-sciences.com/sciences/definitions/physique-vitesse-324/ “data-more =” Read the definition “>speed that vents can reach. A category 4 hurricane thus produces winds of up to 251 km / h. As Ida passed over the Louisiana winds of up to 277 km / h were recorded! What to give an idea of ​​its violence.

More than strong winds

Downgraded to category 1 overnight, Hurricane Ida nevertheless continues to cause concern. The Saffir-Simpson scale does not take into account in particular the speed of movement of the hurricane or the floods that may be caused by the precipitation that accompanies it. Even as, in the context of global warming, scientists say: hurricanes and other storms will be more intense and will bring more and more torrential rains.

As it slows down, Hurricane Ida continues to pullenergy its own storm surge and the humidity in the region. Result, of heavy rains have accompanied its violent winds for several hours. One million people are without electricity. And the authorities still recommend that residents stay in the shelter.

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