The Causes of Whatsapp Web & Cellphones Often Disconnecting

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are many factors that cause WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp HP to not connect. If you can’t connect to WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp on your phone, then these causes might be worth looking into.

WhatsApp Web itself is a web-based WhatsApp service that can be accessed via a laptop or computer browser. The features are the same, nothing is missing.

An incident that is often experienced by some people is the occurrence of WhatsApp Web which is sometimes disconnected. WhatsApp Web does require stable internet so that WhatsApp is not disconnected.

Well, if you can’t use WhatsApp Web on your laptop or cellphone and the app is frequently disconnected, these might be the cause:

1. Computer/Laptop Internet Connection

The laptop or computer you are using of course requires internet to open WhatsApp Web. So if your laptop or computer has connection problems, try checking again and then refresh or reload the WhatsApp Web page.

2. Mobile Internet Connection

WhatsApp Web on the laptop must stay connected to WhatsApp on the phone to sync messages. If the internet connection on the cellphone is bad, then WhatsApp Web itself will not be able to be used.

Make sure the internet connection on your smartphone is stable and good, or you can also turn on “Flight Mode” and then turn it off.

3. Browser Not Support

Whatever browser you use, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari, always make sure your browser is up to date and up to date.

It could be that a browser that is too old can’t support WhatsApp Web.

4. Phone Camera Problem

If your phone’s camera has a problem, the result is that the user can’t do the QR Code and continues to experience failure.

Without scanning the QR Code, WhatsApp Web cannot connect to WhatsApp on the phone.

5. Access WhatsApp Web is Blocked

Check again whether access to the WhatsApp Web site is blocked or not on the WiFi network that you are currently using. For example in the office. Events like this might happen, so always make sure your access to the WhatsApp Web site is blocked or not.

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