The cast of The Uncanny Counter revealed their thoughts for the finale of the series.

Into the last curve For one of the series that must be held to be the hottest in the past month for ‘The Uncanny Counter’ That are coming to an end tonight Before you bid farewell to the screen Leading actors like Jo Byeong Gyu, Kim Sejeong Yoo, Jun Sang Yeom Hyeran Revealed his thoughts at the end of the ending And thank you to the viewers who have always loved and supported this series.

‘The Uncanny Counter’ Is a series of action-fantasy Based on the story from the original Webtoons Amazing Rumor Of writer Zhang E. The work has been very popular. It became the first of the channel’s first episode of the history of OCN’s new history.

Young actor Joe Byeong Gyu A promising youngster who just jumped to the podium for the first time in a full role. Zomun Revealed the impression about this work “The Uncanny Counter series is like a present for me. Every day I spend time with my colleagues, my seniors, is a learning opportunity for me. And every moment that I speak with director Yoo Seon Dong will be a happy memory that will stay in my heart forever. I feel so much fun and joy in every day of shooting. do At first, I was worried about the outcome. But with love from the audience Thus enabling us to come to the beautiful ending of this series. “

In addition Joe Byeong Gyu Also added that “When I thought that if I were Somun’s ruler I began to feel attached and worried about him To audiences who love and feel for him as well as me. I want to thank Zomun’s parents located all over the country. And just like Seomun, who struggles to overcome everything, no matter what life he faces, I will be Jo Byeong Gyu who will endeavor in every situation. See you in season 2. “

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On the side Yoo Jun Sang Veteran actor Role-playing Kamotak Strong counter Has said in the end that “I am very sorry that ‘The Uncanny Counter’, the series that I enjoyed so much fun filming, is coming to an end. We are very happy that this series is loved so well. I would like to sincerely thank all audiences for their love for our drama. Please follow this series until the end. “

Meanwhile, an idol-actress. Kim Sejeong Cool counter role owner Doha Revealed feelings in her latest work that “I am very happy to shoot while being loved by my fellow actors and staff. And it is considered an honor to receive this overwhelming love from the audience. During the filming of The Uncanny Counter ‘I met a new dream. I will do my best in everything that I do next. In order to be fully myself Along with having a smile “

by Kim Sejeong Also shared an additional impression that “During filming, I changed the wallpaper for the phone screen as well. It’s a form of counters. With a sentence that says ‘Work hard, be grateful for what you have received, be honest with everything that comes into your life, don’t be frightened and always be prepared.’ I am grateful to all my colleagues who have helped me. I grow up And I hope to be able to repay the happiness that I get from them in the future. Thank you to all the audiences and all the fellow performers. “

In the end Yom Hye Ran Experienced actor playing the role Chumag Has said goodbye and concluded that “There were times when I felt hard. Because this is my first time. Who tried to show this kind of series But where I can travel this far It is because of the support and encouragement from everyone sent to us I am sincerely grateful to all audiences. Our team works very hard. And I’m really happy that we finally finished filming. Without any serious incident It’s an honor to always work with fellow actors who empower each other. I look forward to returning with even more strength in Season 2. Thank you again to all the viewers who have always loved us. ”

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Series finale ‘The Uncanny Counter’ It will air on January 24 at 10:30 p.m. KST on OCN channel, fans can watch the copyrighted Thai subtitles on Netflix.

As for the possibilities for Season 2, previously it was reported that the wayThe team is currently discussing plans for a season 2 production. However, a decision on production details or a specific broadcast date has not yet been confirmed.

Uncanny Counter

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