The Carioca finals featuring Flamengo and Fluminense will be streamed on Youtube with video content and no cost to viewers.

Games between Flamengo and Fluminense take place on April 1st and 9th

For the fourth consecutive season, the Carioca Championship final will be played between Flamengo and Fluminense, with two games at Maracanã. Owners of the best campaigns in the competition, the teams will have about two weeks of preparation before the first clash and promise to come with everything to seek the title. The confrontation, which should draw attention not only to Fla and Flu fans, will be broadcast live, free of charge, on Youtube.

The transmission will be made available in this way due to a partnership between DaleApp as FlowSportClub. According to the channel’s announcement, the two games will be available completely free of charge for YouTube users. The information was officially released on Thursday night (23).

It is worth noting that the Coluna do Fla, as in all other Flamengo games, it will also feature live narration via Youtube, as well as exclusive reporting and information during the match. Along with that, the Column it also features real-time on social media for those unable to watch the game.

Game dates and times

Last week, Ferj confirmed that the two matches will take place at Maracanã. The first, commanded by Flamengo, is scheduled for 20:30 (Brasília time) on Saturday (01). The return, in turn, will have the ball rolling from 6 pm (Brasília time) on Sunday (09). In the final, neither team will have a tiebreaker advantage. Therefore, in case of equality on the scoreboard, the title dispute goes to penalties.

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