The canceled Dune game launches on Steam after 20 years

A game based on the franchise there, which was canceled 20 years ago, has just been released for PC. Although you no longer use the book series license, Elland: The Crystal Wars now it can finally be played by fans.

The title began development in 2001, for the Game Boy Advance, when it was called Dune: Assault of the Ornithopter. The following year the project was canceled and so far it appears to have been lost.

But thanks to a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarterwhich grossed over $ 21,000, with an initial goal of $ 7,563, the game can finally be released, albeit without the there – both on PC and in physical edition for Game Boy Advance.

A fan showed the comparison on Twitter:

The official trailer, which you can see below, tells this story a bit and the relationship it had with the game is clear There is. Even without the license, the setting and story are obviously reminiscent of the original project.

The plot takes place on a desert planet where a kind of crystal is mined and used as an energy source, with a powerful society manipulating this resource and people.

Elland: The Crystal Wars is now available for PC via Steam. But it is also worth remembering there won an official match recently, Dunes: Spice Warsin addition to having an MMO in development, Awakening of the dunes.

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