The Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, to stop suddenly


Blu-ray players will probably be soon a thing of the past. Many of the big brands which are already stopped the production of the players, and the streaming and Video-on-demand, more and more consumers will have to say goodbye, “a film-in-a-box’. Actually, it is comparable with the most disappearing from the cd.

But, of course, there are still plenty of fans of the movies and tv series on Blu-ray. Despite the fact that the quality of the streaming is getting better, the view is through a (4K) a Blu-ray disc will always be parts of it better. This past weekend, I a lot of owners of a Samsung Blu-ray player is silly.

The Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, is in error
Through the Update, it is clear that a lot of people have this error too, with their Blu-ray disc player from Samsung. Due to, presumably, an update would allow the devices to be in an endless rebootstand them. However, there were issues.

Samsung has already responded via the Update form. “We are well aware that customers are having problems with the start-up of some of the Blu-Ray disc players, and we’ll look into it further. We will provide an update in this thread when we have more information,” according to a community manager, of Google.

Did you experience any problems, or if you have a Blu-ray disc player from Samsung with the home theater system have?

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