The birthday photos of Helena, the daughter of Andy Kusnetzoff, and the tender words of the driver: “We will always be by your side”

Andy Kusnetzoff, Florencia Suárez and Helena (Photo: Instagram)

Much more relaxed, after having had a complex moment of health in the last weeks, Andy Kusnetzoff enjoy your family. Issues that have to do with her surroundings seem to be her center of gravity. In this sense, the driver put all his efforts into the intimate celebration of the birthday of Helena, the daughter fruit of the relationship with Florence Kournas Suarez. The little girl celebrated 4 years of life and, although she was not able to invite family and friends of the baby, they spared no effort when it came to Hele spending a different day.

On Wednesday the 5th, the first thing Andy did was to greet her through his social networks. In her words she showed pride and exposed all the love she has for her firstborn. From his birth he does not stop talking about her and in this case, he was no exception. “Happy birthday beautiful daughter. How you changed our lives. I never cease to be amazed by how fun, loving and vivacious you are. We will always be next to you ”.

Helena posed playing with her favorite characters from The Lion King (Photo: Instagram)
Helena posed playing with her favorite characters from The Lion King (Photo: Instagram)

On the other hand, the mother also released words of thanks in her greeting. “I celebrate your infectious laugh. Your thousands and thousands of kisses per day, your strong hugs until my neck is hard. Your occurrences that make me laugh so much, your pure innocence, your infinite joy, your sweetness, your anger with crossed arms. I am glad to have you every day. You’re unique. Happy four years, Hele! We love you! ” Flower.

Helena is a fan of The Lion King and both the cake and the decoration were set according to her favorite movie and at her request. On the cake, there was no lack Mufasa and Simba, two of his favorite characters. They are the toys with which she tends to play most assiduously, and with which she appears in each photo her parents take of her. The balloons and the garlands arranged in different points of the patio, where the birthday took place, were not lacking either. Regarding this, it was Kournas. who clarified the reason for so much preparation: “Without balloons there is no birthday,” he said.

Helena Kusnetzoff (Photo: Instagram)
Helena Kusnetzoff (Photo: Instagram)

The love story between Andy and Flower was born in the work environment. After the rumors, in May 2014 it was he, who confirmed it in a funny way: “I’m not talking about my private life, I’m a boyfriend.” Since then they have lived a love of a novel. She works as a producer in Street dogs, the program that he commands by Radio Metro. The chats in the corridors, the knowing glances, were transformed into pure love.

With the relationship established on firm pillars, they faced the challenge of taking a new step. To somehow put the finishing touch to history. The strawberry of the dessert. Four years ago Helena was born, the absolute protagonist of these lines. The arrival was received with gratitude and emotion. Since then, the parents’ plans have changed for the better. Today, in each word, they show what state they are in.

Helena Kusnetzoff (Photo: Instagram)
Helena Kusnetzoff (Photo: Instagram)

Context is a kind of encouragement that gives the driver of PH, we can speakr. On June 20, Kusnetzoff was discharged after spending a few days in intermediate therapy after testing positive for COVID-19. Those first moments were not easy, because he had to remain alone, in an apartment, far from his own. Only when he was 15 days old did he join his home, his surroundings.

On the other hand, since he had this episode, in Telefe they decided to raise PH, their program. They understood that he is the essence and that if his face is not there, another cannot carry it forward. Already recovered, his return seemed imminent, but no. As confirmed to Teleshow from Telefe, “Andy is not yet to do the program.”


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