The best used iPhones are sold by Apple. The iPhone 13 lands in Spain as refurbished

The price of the iPhone is skyrocketing. And that of the other high-end. And even the mid-range one. Alternatives such as buying second hand or refurbished they make more sense than ever, and Apple has just brought the iPhone 13 to its official store under this condition. not exactly cheapbut not the worst option either.

Apple already has the refurbished iPhone 13, and the second hand is not much better

Apple is starting to sell refurbished iPhone 13s in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. It is the first time that these devices arrive as refurbished in our country at the hands of Apple itself.

The mobiles that are part of this program arrive with the original box, thoroughly cleaned and all the necessary tests to verify that absolutely everything works. They are devices that could have been replaced, always with original parts, some defective component. They have a one-year warranty and a free return period.

The stock of these devices changes over time, as they arrive more or less at their warehouses. At the time I write this article we have available versions of the iPhone 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, of 256, 512 and 1 TB.

We wanted to compare the prices with those of the second-hand market, taking the cheapest unit as a reference. The 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro is sold by Apple for 1,089 euros, a reduction of almost 200 euros from its original price.


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Second-hand models on pages like wallapop They are around 900-1,000 euros, being practically impossible to find sealed units. A saving, if we want a unit in perfect condition, of about 100 euros compared to the official Apple website, in which we preserve the guarantee and make sure that the mobile is sent by the manufacturer itself.

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Given the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (about 1,300 and 1,500, respectively), betting on refurbished previous generation models seems like a good move. The increasingly expensive mobiles are here to stay.

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