The beginning of June brought a whirlwind of new SUVs. All are from premium brands

BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus have introduced new generations of their very popular sports utility vehicles. Land Rover has again extended the longer body version of the new Defender.

Customers of premium brands who want a new SUV for next winter will undoubtedly have something to choose from. The German brands BMW and Mercedes-Benz have introduced innovations designed for family use. In the case of BMW, it is the smallest SUV X1, Mercedes-Benz showed a larger GLC class. And Land Rover wants to satisfy Defender 130 with those who have numerous relatives. A total of eight people can be carried there.

You can see all these cars in our photo gallery.

The new generation still needs to be mentioned Lexus RX, which we informed about earlier. We were even guests at its premiere. But now we bring you basic information about the remaining three news as well as the Czech Toyota Corolly Cross award.

BMW X1 a iX1

Suddenly, the Bavarian carmaker showed the X1 combustion and electric iX1. Compared to the outgoing version, the novelty has increased in length by more than five centimeters and reached exactly four and a half meters. The roof is then 44 millimeters higher, the width is 23 millimeters larger and the wheelbase 22 millimeters. Active families will undoubtedly enjoy the increased capacity of the luggage compartment. It can now hold 540 liters, and 490 for plug-in hybrid versions.

The practicality is also enhanced by the rear sliding bench, which can be moved in the range of 13 centimeters. The combustion variant is powered by two petrol and two diesel power units. The basic version is called X1 sDrive 18i and has a supercharged three-cylinder fifteen-cylinder under the hood. Its output is 136 horses. The two-liter four-cylinder already offers 218 hp and the xDrive 23i designation of course also means all-wheel drive.

The new BMW 7 arrives first with an electric drive. But outside Europe, it will be different

The diesel versions are called sDrive 18d and xDrive 23d. The first has an output of 150, the second 211 hp. Two plug-in hybrids will appear in November. The less powerful version (245 hp) is called the xDrive 25e, the more expensive version has the xDrive 30e code at the stern and a potential of 326 hp. Purely on electricity, these cars travel about 80 kilometers.

The electric version of the iX1 has two electric motors built into its bowels, offering 313 horsepower. The car then accelerates from zero to 100 in 5.7 seconds. The battery has a capacity of 64.7 kWh and allows a range of about 420 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Years ago, the three-pointed star brand made this car with this car. That is also why the new generation has not fundamentally changed its appearance. Nevertheless, the car increased by sixty millimeters (to today’s 4,715 millimeters), but the width remained the same and the height even decreased by 4 millimeters.

Inside, there is a dashboard, which is supposed to resemble the wing of the aircraft and has a central display with a diagonal of 30.2 centimeters. Among the new features, the connection to the driver’s smart watch, for example, is interesting. Based on this, he then evaluates his vigilance and suggests a break. There is also a special camera that allows a virtual view under the front wheels in the field. Rear wheel steering will also be available.

Mercedes-Benz AMG One

The Mercedes-Benz AMG One is finally ready to hit the road. With F1 technology

There will be a total of six engines on offer. Electricity improves the potential of all more or less. All-wheel drive is always available and there is always a supercharged four-cylinder two-liter under the hood. The cheapest version will be the 200 4Matic, which has an output of 204 horsepower. The 300 4Matic variant will provide 258 horsepower, the GLC 220d 4Matic diesel 197 horsepower.

There are three plug-in hybrid versions – 300e 4Matic, 400e 4Matic and 300de 4Matic. Their battery can ensure emission-free driving over 100 kilometers and can also be connected to a fast DC charger.

Land Rover Defender 130

The designers did not have much work to do on this version of the SUV produced in Slovakia. The 130 version left the same wheelbase as the 110 version, only extending the rear overhang by 340 millimeters. In total, the car reaches a length of 5358 millimeters. Thanks to this, space has been created at the rear for the installation of the third row of seats, and a total of eight people can be transported in the interior.

It is said that people sitting in the third row will not feel a lack of comfort. Even their seats can be heated and four-zone air conditioning vents are introduced here.

For those who prefer a larger suitcase and do not need as many seats, there will also be a five-seater option.

Land Rover Defender Convertible

A Land Rover Defender without a roof is being prepared. But it will not have Slovak origin

The range of engines for this model has not been modified in principle. The basis is a petrol two-liter turbo engine, you can also buy a three-liter six-cylinder and even a five-liter eight-cylinder. Diesel fans can choose a four-cylinder or six-cylinder unit.

And the price of the Toyota Corolly Cross?

This car, which measures 4460 millimeters, will be offered by us from CZK 869,900. It already has 17-inch light-alloy wheels or a parking camera as standard.

Under the hood there is a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, which cooperates with the electric motor within the hybrid drive. Together they will provide up to 197 horses.

The car can already be booked. The first pieces for customers will arrive in September.

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