the balance sheet is still heavier, New York the epicenter

As senators voted on an unprecedented plan on Wednesday, the United States crossed the 1,000 death mark caused by the new coronavirus, with nearly 70,000 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, which refers.

The United States now ranks third among the countries for the number of confirmed cases of the Covid-19 disease, behind Italy and China.

And according to the World Health Organization, they could soon overtake Europe to become the new global epicenter of the pandemic.

More than half of Americans are called upon to stay at home, with more or less strict containment measures depending on the state. Through a system of alerts sent to the cell phones of residents, the federal capital Washington has announced the closure of non-essential services (gyms, hairdressers, stores …) from Wednesday evening until April 24 .

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The city of Miami, Florida, where the beaches were still crowded last week, imposed on Tuesday its 470,000 residents not to go out. The streets were empty and the coastline cordoned off Wednesday. “It may sound strange but I was waiting for this moment“Rosa Jimenez-Cano, a 39-year-old resident, told AFP.”This measure is necessary“.

New York in the center of attention

New York State, the country’s cultural and economic lung, is the most affected, but containment and social distancing measures seem to slow the epidemic, assured its governor Andrew Cuomo. “Arrows point in the right direction“, he declared during a press briefing, referring to a slowdown in the increase in hospitalizations. But the peak of the epidemic is expected within three weeks, he added.

This state of nearly 20 million people continues to demand medical equipment from the federal government, including thousands of respirators.

The approximately three billion dollars allocated to the State of New York by the emergency plan are “a drop of water in the ocean“losses estimated at up to $ 15 billion,” Cuomo said.

Media and “real people”

Donald Trump now wants to put the country back to work to restart the machine despite the reservations of many scientists and local officials who fear a possible new wave of contamination.

The Republican billionaire has based his entire re-election campaign on the health of the US economy. A “severe recession or depression“Economic could kill more people than the epidemic, he explained Tuesday. He mentioned a symbolic date, April 12, Easter Sunday, for the resumption of activity in part of the country.

Real people want to get back to work ASAP“, he insisted Wednesday on Twitter, accusing the mainstream media of being”the dominant force trying to force (him) to keep the country closed for as long as possible in the hope that this will harm (his) re-election“.

An announcement that arouses a lot of criticism across the Atlantic, especially in the New York Times where an open letter has highlighted the risks of limited confinement, both for the United States, and for the world in general.

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