The Ama Xantalen residence in Irun joins the autonomous organization Kabia | Radio Irun

According to a note from the Provincial Department of Social Policies, Kabia already includes the residences San José (Azkoitia), San Lazaro (Elgoibar), Santiago (Villabona), San Juan (Zumaia), Atsobakar (Lasarte-Oria), San Juan Bautista (Andoain), Mizpirualde (Bergara), San Martin (Oñati), Heart of Jesus (Errenteria), San José (Ordizia), Iturbide (Mondragón), Iurreamendi (Tolosa), San Andrés (Eibar), San Pedro (Pasaia) and Ama Xantalen (Irun).

A process in which, as explained by the provincial deputy for Social Policies, Maite Peña, the Provincial Council is “fulfilling the commitment it has made.”

Peña has specified that “Kabia is a benchmark, both in Gipuzkoa and abroad“, since” it is a model based on collaboration “and on” an in-depth work carried out between the Provincial Council and the municipalities “in which each residential center” has its own peculiarities “.

Peña has stressed, however, that the unification process brings with it “enormous benefits” in the daily management of the centers, as “the COVID-19 crisis has shown,” in which “coordination and communication have been more relevant than ever. “

“Kabia – he added – is proving that it is a very valid model and capable of responding quickly, efficiently and agilely to present and future challenges in the field of residential care for the elderly in Gipuzkoa”.

The deputy has affirmed that Kabia represents a “very important” part of the residential model of the territory, based on collaboration, and where 85% of the places, 4,572 of 5,425, are publicly owned, and 82% managed by entities public or non-profit.

The Ama Xantalen residence in Irun has 70 residential places and 15 in its day center. When the integration process is completed, Kabia will manage 16 residential centers, with a total of 1,505 places (1,336 in residences and 169 in day centers), 299 employees (116 employees and 183 contracted) and will have the collaboration of 18 companies that provide the service, with a total of 949 employees.

Along with Ama Xantalen, the last two residences to join the regional body have been the centers of Eibar and Pasaia, in January 2020, although the assumption of their deficit was made from July 1, 2019.

In the case of Irun’s residence, Kabia has assumed the deficit since January 1, 2020. Peña has stressed that this is “a great challenge” to which they are responding with “great diligence and responsibility.”

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