The 5050 Music, Fashion & Benefit Event

The core aim of The 50/50 is to provide a platform of entertainment for the youth of Ohio to enjoy and be inspired by. The event will take place at The Brightside Music & Event Venue in Dayton Ohio on August 6th 2021. Local Ohio artistic talent is presented in the form of musicians, fashion designers and artists (Painters) mixed in with big musicians such as KennyHoopla to pull a larger audience in. One of our goals for the show is too, as I said, create a platform that intertwines lesser known, more up and coming artists with bigger named musicians. This in turn provides the lesser known artists with greater exposure, benefiting their trajectory as an aspiring artist and potentially creating a larger fanbase for them in the future.

AFFORDABILITY: Making the show affordable for people is a major goal. After over a year of hardship, job loss and many other unprecedented things, asking people to spend $25-$30 on a ticket does not feel right to me. I want this event to be accessible to as many people as possible. My plan is to set the ticket prices at $10 online and $15 at the door.

WHY: The show is a benefit for DCDC (Dayton Contemporary Dance Company). We have decided to partner with DCDC because it opens artistic doors on both ends, for example: Some of their dancers will be used as models during the runway shows that proceed through the event. At the end, all of the money raised through ticket sales will be donated to the organization.


SAFTEY: For some reassurance, there are many precautions that are being taken regarding Covid-19. Masks will be mandatory, free sustainable and reusable masks will be give at the door to every single person who walks into the venue and temperature checks at the door. Of course, we will not go ahead with the event if we do not feel it will be safe at the time of the event.

Raising this money will put us at our goal for the show. This money will help pay for the traveling artists, local artists and the venue sound and lighting. Everyone involved will be very grateful once the money is raised, and that will be shown through the hard work and persistence of everyone involved. If you decide to make a donation, your name will be featured on our website listed as a patron.

We are very excited to share our event with you this coming summer.
Thank you for your support.
– Lucas

Photos from our first 2019 show
Photo of Canvisluv at The 50/50 (2019)

55706670_1617209909839491_r.jpegPhoto of Canvisluv at The 50/50 (2019)

55706670_1617209921440560_r.jpegAn attendee of The 50/50 (2019)

55706670_1617209969337685_r.jpegRough mock up of The 50/50 poster

55706670_1617210005507511_r.jpegPhoto of Hype Meter at The 50/50 (2019)

55706670_1617210039893902_r.jpegPhoto of Chris Conway & Canvisluv at The 50/50 (2019)

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