The 4th Traditional Wushu Elite Competition was held

The 4th Traditional Wushu Elite Competition was held

2022-08-10 16:07:47Source: Xi’an News Network

The 4th Traditional Wushu Elite Competition of “Healthy China • Silk Road” kicked off at the Changqingfang Basketball Hall in Xi’an on the morning of August 10. This competition is guided by Shaanxi Wushu Association and Xi’an Wushu Association, sponsored by Yanta District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and undertaken by Yanta District Sanqin Wushu Association. There are more than 1,000 players from all over Shaanxi Province, Henan Province and Chongqing City. The scale of the competition and the number of participants have increased compared with previous editions.

Xi’an is a famous historical and cultural city. Yanta District is known as the fine tradition of “honoring literature and martial arts”. Martial arts sports in Yanta District have a profound historical background and a broad mass base. “Healthy China Silk Road” Traditional Wushu Elite Competition is a traditional Wushu feast initiated by Wushu people in Yanta District and jointly created by many Wushu sports participants and enthusiasts inside and outside the province. The development of cultural and sports undertakings in Yanta District has played a huge role in promoting it. According to Zhao Baoan, the person in charge of the event organizer, Chinese Wushu 7-dan, national-level assessor, deputy director of the Shaanxi Wushu Association’s Judgment Committee, and chairman of the Yanta District Sanqin Wushu Association, this competition is divided into prescribed routines, red boxing, and red boxing. There are more than 30 types of boxing in five categories, including boxing and other boxing, Tai Chi, Tai Chi equipment, long equipment, and short equipment, attracting many contestants to sign up for the competition. The competition is divided into different groups according to the age of the contestants. The competition requires participants to be over the age of 70.

59-year-old Fang Lin and 57-year-old Lan Lixia participated in the competition on behalf of the Yunzhishou Taijiquan team. They both felt that this competition provided a stage for everyone to show their skills and could better inspire martial arts enthusiasts to participate in the whole nation. Enthusiasm for fitness, “In addition to participating in the group event competition, this time two other team members signed up for the ‘Shouxing Group’ competition. Compared with the competition results, we agree with the concept of ‘I participate, I am healthy’ and enjoy it very much. The warm atmosphere of such a large-scale event.” Fang Lin, both a player and team leader, said with a smile.

11-year-old Zhang Fengmao has been practicing traditional martial arts for six years. She represented the Heyang County Longfei Martial Arts Team in this competition. “Our team has 30 players participating this time, and everyone will get on the bus to Xi’an after five in the morning. Yes, because we both like to practice martial arts and want to participate in the competition. This time I will participate in the swordsmanship and red boxing competitions, and I believe that I can achieve good results!” The little girl’s eyes were bright as she spoke, revealing a youthful martial artist. Deserved vitality and heroic spirit.

At the opening ceremony, Shaanxi martial arts masters gathered together, and the wonderful traditional martial arts and Chinese wrestling performances won thunderous applause from the audience. Yang Hong, director of the Yanta District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, announced the opening of the competition. Tian Suhui, Executive Committee Member of the International Wushu Federation, Vice Chairman of the Asian Wushu Federation, Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Wushu Association, Team Leader of the National Wushu Team, Executive Vice Chairman of the Shaanxi Wushu Association, and Chairman of the Xi’an Wushu Association, gave high praise to the holding of this event.

Zhao Baoan, chairman of the Sanqin Wushu Association of Yanta District, said: “We hope that through this competition, athletes from all over the world will be encouraged to learn martial arts, strengthen exchanges and close cooperation, jointly promote Chinese Wushu, a national tradition and cultural treasure, and popularize and improve Wushu. The level of exercise will promote the vigorous development of the national fitness movement, so that the national fitness will penetrate into the society, the masses, and the family. At the same time, I also hope that all participating teams can understand the general situation, take into account the overall situation, and advocate martial arts. The athletes can devote themselves to the competition with full passion, high fighting spirit, courage to fight, and spirit of unity and improvement. “

Text/Jin Pengtu, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry/video Xie Wei, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press

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