The 10 best cryptocurrency books

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The crypto ecosystem is evolving at a speed rarely seen. It is because of this vertigo that reading has become an ephemeral activity. An article usually becomes obsolete in a short time. In any case, some works feature a battle and today I bring you a list of the 10 best books on cryptocurrencies.

It is necessary to clarify that a ranking of this style, with the word “best” as the title, is closely related to elections based on my absolute subjectivity. In any case, our ecosystem already has some referents who undeniably, through their writing, have left their mark.

Books on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

These 3 concepts, very close to each other, are usually included in most of these books, although some focus more on one or the other. Without further introductory delays, let’s move on with the development of the ranking that calls us.

The Bitcoin model, Saifedean Ammous

From my point of view, I consider Bitcoin Pattern a must-read book for anyone who really wants to get involved in this ecosystem. Retracing the historical foundations by retracing the path that money has traveled until it found the birth of Bitcoin, as a response to the shortcomings of current models, is undoubtedly an enriching experience.

This book analyzes the historical context in which the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, emerged. Without going into the technical details or in-depth specifics about the infrastructure that supports it, it also gives us an insight into the effects that its break-in will trigger once the adoption is massive.

Whenever I get the following question, especially those who are not from a technological background, “what can I read to start understanding this world?” This is always my first recommendation. Of course, it is possible to enter the world of cryptocurrencies without reading this work. However, from the review of these pages, it is possible that an internal fire that is difficult to extinguish is ignited. I am referring to what prompts us to understand that bitcoin is inevitable.

The Internet of Money, Andreas Antonopoulos

When in the introduction I referred to references that have marked the ecosystem, a famous scene came to mind, now transformed into an epic enterprise by the Greek Andreas Antonopoulos. In a conference that we find today on YouTube and widely shared on Twitter, Andreas talks with extreme passion about bitcoin in front of an audience of only three people, in 2012.

Undoubtedly, we are facing one of the major promoters of this technology. Able to simply present complex concepts, Andreas has also written books. In this case, in “The Internet of Money”, the author focuses on comparing Bitcoin with the great revolutionary inventions of our society.

By showing us the impact and resistance these have had, he draws a parallel with the situation that bitcoin and our ecosystem as a whole experience on a daily basis. Furthermore, through these comparisons, we can understand what bitcoin solves. Without a doubt, “The Internet of Money”, along with the book described above, are the perfect combination to get started in this world.

Blockchain: The Industrial Revolution of the Internet, Alex Preukschat

With this book, we expand the vision a little more to get a more complete concept of what some are calling the greatest contribution that Satoshi Nakamoto has made to the world, blockchain technology.

Listed by some as the best book on blockchain in Spanish, it is a good first approach to the technology that provided the infrastructure that allowed the emergence of a new industry. On the other hand, for those with ecosystem experience, you can take a good look at the history of the blockchain.

The Blockchain Revolution, an introduction to the effects blockchain will have on the business world

The Blockchain Revolution, Alex Tapscott and Don Tapscott

The premise that the authors of this book raised as they started writing it was to find out how this technology will change the global economy. Through its pages, it provides us with a simple explanation of the effects of the blockchain on the world economy.

Beyond the idea that gives rise to the birth of this work, its authors allow themselves to explore the opportunities that the blockchain will have beyond the limits of the economy. An interesting look at future applications in the business area.

Cryptocurrency Investing Guide For Beginners, Miquel Vidal

Miquel Vidal focuses on answering those questions that those who doubt whether or not they should start investing in cryptocurrencies have.. Adapted to a dedicated look at the cryptocurrency market, here you can get the strategies you need to put together your investment thesis in this complex and volatile scenario.

Bitcoin for beginners is foolproof, Giovanni Rigters

According to the author, it is never too late to start learning about cryptocurrencies. The opportunities are available to those who decide to exploit them, and Giovanni presents us in a simple and concise way an approach to the bitcoin world. Recommended for those users who have no knowledge of the subject and want a very primary approach.

The dark side of cryptocurrencies, Josep Ortiz

Without denigrating the technology, he points out that trying to make money in this difficult market is risky. This different and bold approach gives Josep the chance to be on Bitnovo’s list of the 10 best cryptocurrency books.

Its objective is, through the highlighting of the risks, to prepare us to face them and face them successfully, avoiding the classic mistakes of the beginner.

A very particular work within the ecosystem. Reading it is highly recommended.

The philosophy of bitcoin, Álvaro D. María

A work focused on the historical impact that bitcoin is leaving on the history of humanity. It is a deep and bold reflection on what bitcoin is, what it represents in the world of money and why it is capable of generating an economic revolution of unprecedented proportions.

It leaves no edges unanalyzed. Without hesitation, he exposes the relationship between money and state, giving us an idea of ​​how BTC could give life to a new way of conceiving the fundamental right of modern nations, that of ownership.

It is possible that this analysis emphasizes the more abstract features of the book, but it must be emphasized that it is easy to read and has a wide variety of quotes that will allow us to take advantage of Alvaro’s biting vision.

Bitcoin Billionaires: A Story of Money, Betrayal, and Redemption, Ben Mezrich

Not everything is difficult theory and concepts, in the blockchain world we also have our own exciting stories. In this book, Ben Merich tells us the story of the unmistakable Winklevoss brothers. With a life literally fictional, the brothers studied at Harvard, participated in the Olympic Games as rowers, and fought a legal dispute with Mark Zuckerberg.

The extravagant twins sued Mark for stealing the Facebook idea and, what a surprise, the judicial system proved them right in this renowned legal battle. They later decided to pursue a career as Venture Capital, but confrontation with Mark left them with a negative reputation in the environment.

Evicted, without knowing what to use their compensation for, on vacation in Ibiza, they met a somewhat bizarre character who talked to them about cryptocurrencies. For the Winklevosse there was no turning back … A book, completely different from the rest of those published on the list, but without a doubt a story full of suspense and which represents an important part of the crypto-history.

The 10 best cryptocurrency books
The Dark Side of the Blockchain, a review of the risks associated with operating in a market of such volatility

Satoshi’s book, Phil Champagne

Let’s close the list of the 10 best books on cryptocurrencies, going back to the beginning. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, expressed himself in three ways:

  • Through the creation of Bitcoin
  • Laying its foundations in the “White Paper”
  • Through emails and posts in various specific forums

This latter source, with which Satoshi gave his wisdom to the world, was taken by Phil Champagne and compiled into this inevitable work. After a contact and an understanding of the technology and fundamentals behind Bitcoin, this book appears as a Big chance for:

  • Understanding the motivations behind the mind that devised such a revolution
  • Learn the key concepts related to the ecosystem and its future


In addition to being a relatively new technology, we find a large amount of literature dedicated to bitcoin, blockchain and, more generally, cryptocurrencies. The means of learning about the technology called to revolutionize the way we humans perceive trust are extremely varied.

The offer meets the needs of all those who want to get started in the ecosystem, as well as those who want to improve their knowledge. However, for a lover of literature, like the writer of these lines, books will always have an important place when it comes to educating and giving advice.

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