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entertainment“>The Thai king owns a spacious house with its own jetty on the popular lake, Villa Stolberg. The adjoining building is also his. Vajiralongkorn has preferred to stay in Bavaria than Thailand for many years, although he preferred a luxury hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last year. There was more space there and his procession of female companions could also find a place.

entertainment“>The municipality of Tutzing has a so-called ‘second home tax’. This amounts to twelve percent of what the house would yield in net rent based on local prices. According to calculations by Vorlickova, who sits on the city council for Tutzinger List, and local real estate agents, the more than 1,400 square meter Villa Stolberg should be booked for 840,000 euros. That means that the king would have to pay a ton each year.

Magnifying glass

entertainment“>Tutzing, however, where there are about 76 so-called second homes, has only collected a total of 124,000 in ‘Zweitwohnungssteuer’ in the past five years. “That is far too little. It must be at least double. It is clear that the king has not paid,” said the councilor. The municipality does not deny that, but cannot respond to individual tax payments, according to the Merkur.

entertainment“>The king’s stay in Bavaria has been under scrutiny for several months. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen he was asked not to admit him anymore and questions were asked in the Bundestag about his activities in Germany. Vajiralongkorn returned to Thailand in early October and has postponed his return to Bavaria time and time again due to political unrest there.

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