Tesla for half a million could start production next year

Tesla carmaker Elona Muska is accelerating in an effort to bring a cheaper model for the masses. They found out according to the server TeslaRati internal documents from the Shanghai Gigafactory factory, where the new car is to start production at the beginning of next year. Probably the most interesting thing about Tesla’s new car is its price, which is to start at $ 25,000. That is, approximately 532 thousand crowns.

According to the Weibo website, the growing sales of Tesla cars in China are key to the imminent launch of the new model. The new model, which is to be based on model 3, is already ready. It should receive certification in March this year.

The name of the model has not been published yet, but it can be expected that there will be enormous interest in the car. Demand for smaller and more affordable cars is massive in China, especially in larger cities. If you want to pay extra, you will have the opportunity. The most expensive variant of this model is expected to cost about $ 30,000. That is more than 600 thousand crowns.

The design of the car is still a secret. According to speculation circulating among fans and the professional public, however, it should be a smaller sedan or hatchback.

If the new Tesla model actually started production at the beginning of 2022, it would be a significant acceleration of the plan. Even the eternal optimist Musk spoke about 2023 in this context last year. Other sources state that Tesla originally wanted to start production even in 2024, or a year later.

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