Tennis.-AMP.- Tennis – Pedro Muñoz dies at 72 from coronavirus

01/30/2021 Pedro Muñox, former president of RFET SPORTS OPEN EL ESPINAR 01/30/2021 Pedro Muñox, former president of the RFET SPORTS OPEN EL ESPINAR


Former president of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) Pedro Muñoz died this Saturday at the age of 72 from the coronavirus, according to the Open Castilla y León-Villa de El Espinar, a tournament of which he was the creator and the who was its honorary president.

Pedro Muñoz became president of RFET in 2005 and his term lasted until 2009. During this period, the Davis Cup and Federation Cup teams were recognized as Spanish national teams, effective systems of solidarity inter-territorial were created and it was conquered at Mar del Plata Davis Cup for the first time with the Spanish team as a visitor and on hard ground.

Pedro Muñoz entered the world of tennis in 1986, when he decided to create a small tournament with a group of racket lovers at El Espinar station, a competition that ended up becoming a national tournament thanks to the efforts of Pedro Muñoz.

“This tournament became what we know today as” El Milagro de El Espinar “”, they indicate after his death. “During its years as a national tournament, many of the best players in the world and all of Spain have passed through the tracks of the espinariegas. And when in 1991 he became an ATP Challenger, he grew and grew until he was recognized as the top challenger. in the world, ”they add.

Almost all the leaders of the last decades have gone through the Espinar tournament in the first steps of their career: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Feliciano López, Henri Leconte, Sergi Bruguera, Juan Martín del Potro, Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Andy Murray, Fernando Verdasco , Yevgeny Kafelnikov…

In 2001, Pedro Muñoz assumed the presidency of the Madrid Tennis Federation with a particular sensitivity for the grassroots and the youngest. “Do you know a number one or a world champion who was not a child?” It has become his maxim at the head of Madrid tennis.

In 2005 he won the presidential elections of the Spanish Tennis Federation and during his time as head of the RFET he experienced great moments, not only the aforementioned title in Argentina, but the previous semi-finals against the United States in a spectacular atmosphere in the Plaza de bulls de Las Ventas.

“With pain, and with gratitude for which there are no words, we say forever to Pedro Muñoz Asenjo, to our Peter. We embrace his whole family with our hearts and we promise to take care of your work. Not like you, it is impossible, but yes as heirs of your example. Thank you, Pedro “, concludes the Open de Castilla y León-Villa de El Espinar in a press release.

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