Telegram is the winner after the banning of Facebook and Instagram in Russia

The daily Russian audience of social networks Facebook and Instagram banned in Russia increased respectively eight times and almost four times in seven months of 2022, Forbes Russia wrote, citing data from research firm Mediascope. The Telegram messenger has become the main winner from the blocking of foreign networks.

Mediascope data covers the Russian population aged 12 and over. The company made calculations taking into account sessions of any length. Including cases where a user enters the social network and leaves it immediately because the application does not work due to a blockage. And taking into account sessions lasting 5 minutes or more.

Instagram’s audience fell in March by 21.5% – from 37.8 million in February to 30 million users, after which in April it fell even further – to 14.2 million participants. In July, the average daily number of users accessing Instagram was 10.6 million. With sessions longer than 5 minutes, the number of Instagram users fell even faster – from February to March, the audience fell by 41%, from 28.9 million to 16.9 million. users, and from March to April the number of visitors to the social network fell to 6 million people. In July, the Instagram mobile app was used by up to 5.5 million people per day on average.

Telegram gained the most audience by blocking Facebook and Instagram

In turn, Facebook’s audience fell 4.7 times. From around 9 million people in February to 1.9 million in July. Taking into account sessions of more than 5 minutes. The number of users of the social network in February was 2.7 million, and in July – only 305 thousand.

The Telegram messenger, whose average daily audience grew by 66%, from 25 million in January to 41.5 million people per day in July. He benefited the most from the blocking of two social networks of the recognized extremist company Meta. The large audience of users was recorded in March, when the number of users increased from 27.5 to 40.6 million people.

But the home social network VKontakte did not receive a similar increase in the number of users. Its audience rose from 46 million people in January to 50 million in July, according to data from Mediascope. However, this may be due to the effect of a high base. The social network already covers all active Internet users in Russia.

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