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DISC DISC DISC Sonic and with radioheadian melodies comes the new Jimmy Club from Rosario, songs for ghostsan album about isolation and the political crisis, but in the key of psychedelic pop Daughter of the well-remembered punk-rocker Tomás Loiseau (Mamushkas), the singer-songwriter Luna Loi makes her debut with a breakup song on her first EP, Lunawhere he releases personal, determined, agile songs From Avellaneda, and also debuting with their first EP, the rockers Vicente y los Curiosos are charging, mounted on their rhythmic base and percussions, for their nocturnal, intense and friendly Vol. 1 ► Alternative pop and light funk enter the grid of Roastthe new one from the Kuff & Links trio, which is not only inspired by the ’80s for its name but also for its sound and melodies And in maybe i’m changingthe singer-songwriter Gabriel Ventura Gulí reveals his roots in the melodious, rock-type Argentine song, although he took it from Madrid, where he now lives.

VISITOR Devastating pre-sale tickets and causing a stir in networks, the pop diva Taylor Swift will wear her The Eras Tour to the River stadium, with a triple scale, from 9 to 11/11, already sold out ► The Uruguayan Zeballos returns and will put on a Buenos Aires mini-tour through Quilmes (21/7, Club Re), Haedo (Auditorio Oeste, 22/7) and Monte Grande (Greison, 7/23) ► And the German DJ Markus Schulz will arrive at Amérika Disco on 9/8.

SCREEN SHOTS In a biopic plan for the bite, Flamin’ Hotby Eva Longoria, recovers the Latin history of Cheetos snacks (9/6, Star+) ► And like full fiction, after breaking it in theaters, the sci-fi tank arrives on platforms Avatar: The Way of Waterthe James Cameron (7/6, Star+).

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CONVOCADXS The FED Publishers Fair summons designers to a contest that seeks the official poster of the 2023 edition of the event, with a prize of $200,000 and registration until 1/7 ► And the program Festival Cuisinefrom the province of Buenos Aires, convenes festivals and cultural managers to provide technical support, training and sponsorship.

HACELA SIMPLE May closed with new songs by Juan Cabral (Creature), Ceretti (Tic tac), dragonflies (gold and plastic), Fran Resina (yes i need you), LauchaBass (I like you), Serg B (My love, I’m on the radio), Iris (Aurora), Malena Narvay (hundred to zero), Yami Safdie (signs), Santy-P (Idealize), Jacobin Project (drugged), Juan Martin Galeano (confined), Chimono Guitar Club (after one night), Batty Sebastian Paz (my burning), The Invisible Things (fires in the night) and Incidiera (Anecdotal).

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