Taylor Swift’s Former Home in Manhattan is Up for Sale for $18 Million

The announcement that Taylor Swift will come to Mexico for the first time has turned all her fans ‘upside down’, who are looking forward to buying her ticket, although this is not the only thing related to the singer that is for sale.

Recently a real estate company put up for sale a house where Taylor Swift lived for over a yearback in 2016, and even this site inspired her to compose the song ‘Cornelia Street’which is part of his album Lover of 2019.

Initially, the property was rented for around 45,000 dollars a month, that is, 790,000 Mexican pesos according to the current exchange rate.

However, they decided to put it up for sale for a “modest” amount of 17 million 995 thousand dollarswhich translated into Mexican pesos would be something like 315.7 million pesos, nothing else. This is because the fact that the ‘All Too Well’ singer lived there for a while raises the cost of the house.

23 Cornelia Street: This is the house where Taylor Swift lived

Taylor Swift lived in this rental property for just over a year, as her Tribeca home was undergoing renovations.

The house located in the 23 Cornelia Streetin the West Village, in Manhattan, was built in 1870 as a parking lot, although little by little it was transformed into what it is today: a house classic style with three floors plus a roof terrace.

This property measures about 465 square metersand has different amenities such as pool and several fireplaces. The house, located a few steps from Washington Square Park, has:

  • 4 rooms (2 of them with private terrace)
  • 5 full bathrooms (1 of them marble)
  • 2 half baths
  • double height ceilings
  • 3 gas fireplaces
  • 1 wood-burning and marble fireplace
  • Wooden floor
  • large kitchen
  • Living room
  • Terrace with outdoor lounge
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Do you know someone who wants to buy the property where the singer lived? Tell him that he only needs a little more than 315 million free pesos to close the deal.

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